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Economics professor honoured

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Dr. M.
Scott Taylor, Canada Research Chair in International, Energy and Environmental
Economics, has been awarded an honorary doctorate in Economics from the Faculty
of Business and Economics at the University of Basel.

was one of six scholars honoured by the University of Basel, Switzerland's
oldest university, at a ceremony held at the historic Munster Cathedral in late

honorary doctorate recognizes those who have positively contributed to both
world-wide academic thought and to the University of Basel. Taylor was acknowledged
for "his pioneering contributions to the area of International Trade, the
Environment and Renewable Resources, which have sparked and shaped research in
this field, and how it is taught on the graduate level, all over the world”.

“It’s the
best Christmas present I’ve ever received - and a great honour,” says Taylor. “The
University is 550 years young and the only other recipient of an honorary
doctorate from their faculty has a Nobel prize - so I’m in fabulous company!”

research examines how international trade affects the environment by altering
what nations produce and consume. His most influential works examine how the
level of pollution concentrations in major cities is affected by changes in industrial
production brought about by international trade. Other important work connects
the health of biological resources such as fish and forest stocks to the
pressures brought about by globalization. A marked feature of his research is
the use of novel methods allowing him to confront testable hypotheses with
empirical evidence.  

received a PhD from Queens University and a BA and MA from the University of
Calgary. Prior to joining the U of C, Taylor was a Full Professor at the
University of Wisconsin Madison, and an Assistant, Associate, and Full
Professor at the University of British Columbia. He has been a Visiting Scholar
in the Princeton University Department of Economics, a Killam Postdoctoral
Fellow at the Sauder Business School at the University of British Columbia and a
Scholar in the Economic Growth Program of the Canadian Institute for Advanced
Research. Taylor is also a Research Associate at the National Bureau of
Economic Research in both the International Trade and Investment, and Energy
and Environmental Economics working groups.

He is author of numerous publications, which have appeared in the American Economic Review, Quarterly Journal of Economics, Review of Economic Studies, International Economic Review and Canadian Journal of Economics. In 2003 his book, International Trade and the Environment: Theory and Evidence (with Brian Copeland), was published by Princeton University Press.