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Faculty of Arts seeks feedback for five-year Strategic Plan

Town Halls, focus groups and consultations open to students, faculty, staff, alumni and public at large

Photo by Riley Brandt

By Heath McCoy

Over the next three months the Faculty of Arts will be actively engaging students, staff and faculty members, along with alumni and the community at large, as it seeks to formulate its new Strategic Plan. This five-year plan will outline the faculty’s goals and commitments for the public and highlight the ways in which the largest and most diverse faculty at the University of Calgary will realize the university’s Eyes High goals for excellence in teaching and research.

“In this process to devise our five year Strategic Plan we’re entering the consultation phase and we want to extend an invitation – with town halls, focus groups and open talks – to give us the feedback we need,” says Florentine Strzelczyk, vice dean of the Faculty of Arts and co-chair of the Arts Strategic Planning Committee. “We want our people and our constituencies to advise us on what we do well and what we could do better. What do we need to do over the next five years to become the faculty we want to be?”

Over the three month consultation process the Arts Strategic Planning Committee will be requesting input in the areas of research and graduate education; teaching, learning and enrollment; development and community relations; and the topics of internationalization, indigenization and equity/diversity within the faculty.

After the three-month consultation period is completed the Strategic Planning Committee will use the accumulated feedback as the foundation for mapping out its five-year Strategic Plan. Strzelczyk notes that the committee has representation from every department and program within the faculty.

“The Faculty of Arts, with the many strengths and disciplines we have, will have to craft our strategy in a way that’s very inclusive,” says Strzelczyk. “We want to hear from the diverse groups that make up this faculty, with their varied interests and expertise.”

She adds: “This is an opportunity for the faculty to reenergize itself, and help reenergize Eyes High in ways that only the Faculty of Arts can.”

For more information about the Strategic Planning Process see the website: