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Faculty of Arts undergraduates earn summer research opportunities

Program for Undergraduate Research Experience gives boost to 14 students

Fourteen students from the Faculty of Arts will spend their spring and summer months working on research projects funded by the Program for Undergraduate Research Experience. Photo by Ewan Nicholson

By Kelsey Verboom
May 7, 2015

More than a dozen undergraduate students from nine different departments at the Faculty of Arts will spend their summers focusing on a diverse range of research projects, thanks to funding from an annual campus program that fosters research opportunities for undergraduates.

The Program for Undergraduate Research Experience (PURE) — a key component of the university’s bold Eyes High strategy — provide financial support to University of Calgary undergraduates to conduct research for eight, 12 or 16 weeks between May and August, making it possible for students to work with University of Calgary researchers to learn how research projects are developed and conducted, and how research results can contribute to new knowledge and solve problems in a field of research and in society.

Of the 64 University of Calgary students to receive research awards this year, 14 are from the Faculty of Arts.

“The PURE Awards give students an amazing opportunity to explore their research ideas and to lay a foundation of strong research skills,” said Florentine Strzelczyk, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Arts. “It is such a benefit to their university careers and beyond. I’m thrilled so many arts undergraduates have this chance, and I look forward to seeing what they pursue.”

In the coming weeks, the Faculty of Arts will feature an ongoing Q&A series with each award winner to learn more about their research projects.

Congratulations to the 2015 PURE Award winners from the Faculty of Arts:

Student Supervisor
Christina Braybrook Greg McDermid, Department of Geography
Claire Ferguson Keith Dobson, Department of Psychology
Skylar Desjardins April Viczko, School of Creative and Performing Arts
Anja Dressler Mary Grantham O’Brien, Department of Linguistics, Languages and Cultures
Kailey Fukushima Karen Bourrier, Department of English
Claire Gjertsen Edward McCoy, Department of Sociology
Melissa Glass Ken MacMillan, Department of History
Natasha Hoehn Warren Wilson, Department of Anthropology and Archaeology
Seu Ho Mark Lee David Dick, Department of Philosophy
Camila Maturana Palacios Lianne Tomfohr, Department of Psychology
Ryan Mikalson Anne Moore, Department of Classics and Religion
Bijan Mohamed Andrea Protzner, Department of Psychology
Sarah Sheedy Melissa Boyce, Department of Psychology
Lisa Wilcox Richard Dyck, Department of Psychology

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