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Honorary degree recipients offer timeless advice at UCalgary Grad 2017

Provocative words to live by from some of Canada’s greatest citizens resonate with grads and undergrads alike

By Holly Kerr

Peter Mansbridge, award-winning Canadian news anchor, investigative journalist and cultural icon, recently shared his wisdom with graduates from UCalgary’s Faculty of Arts: “Some of us have lost the ability to disagree respectfully. Social media has exploded with hateful comments, and the bar of what was once unacceptable has shifted. This is serious. Hate is by far the greatest danger we face today. You can change this; we have incredible faith in you…”

Mary Simon, respected Inuit Elder and one of Canada’s foremost Indigenous rights activists, spoke to graduates in the faculties of arts and social work: “We must do better than we have done in the past to build healthy relationships between Inuit and other Indigenous people and other Canadians. We cannot and must not go into the decades ahead with the baggage of the past. With our combined strengths, courage and instincts, we can prevail and prosper.”