Aug. 10, 2022

Innovation excellence highlights 4th annual Materials, Energy & Environmental Technology Innovation Fair

Join us Aug. 26 to engage with researchers who will showcase their latest research and innovations in clean-energy technology
Materials, Energy, & Environmental Technology Innovation Fair
MEET researchers engage with students at the 2019 Innovation Fair. Behzad Fuladpanjeh Hojaghan

The University of Calgary is transforming the energy landscape and leading energy and environmental technology research. Through the NSERC-funded training program Materials for Electrochemical Energy Solutions (CREATE ME2), UCalgary graduate and postdoctoral students are provided with opportunities to research and develop materials, energy, and environmental technologies that are often commercialized and brought to market.

You can engage with many of the researchers and their innovations at the Materials, Energy & Environmental Technologies (MEET) Innovation Fair on Aug. 26 at the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning on UCalgary’s main campus.

Building strategic partnerships in clean and renewable energy

The innovation fair seeks to present new research applications and technologies that bring together leading scientists, researchers and industry partners to exchange and share their experiences about all aspects of clean and renewable energy.

“The innovation fair is a great opportunity to learn about the latest energy and environmental technologies that are emerging from our university lab,” says Dr. Edward Roberts, PhD, program director of CREATE ME2 and professor in the Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering at the Schulich School of Engineering.

“Attendees will be able to engage directly with the young entrepreneurs who are seeking to commercialize these technologies and bring them to market.”

Leading the way in energy innovation

UCalgary postdoctoral associate Ashutosh Singh continues to exemplify leadership in energy innovation. Singh is finding efficient and cost-effective ways to produce graphene from graphite, and he is applying this process to improve energy storage in battery systems. Singh is now hoping to commercialize his process and has founded a graphene manufacturing company called Bee Energy, in partnership with Roberts.

Innovative battery technologies, processes for manufacturing high-value products from asphaltene, and new materials for carbon capture will be some of the other technologies presented at the fair.

Attend the innovation fair Aug. 26

Join us Aug. 26 at the MEET the Innovators! Innovation Fair to engage with industry, investors and researchers alike to learn about the latest innovations in sustainable energy technologies and the impacts they can have in our community.

Join the fair as a presenter

There are still a few spaces left for individuals or teams of graduate and/or postdoctoral students from the Schulich School of Engineering and the Faculty of Science to showcase their technology at the fair. Additionally, alumni or postdoctoral students who graduated within the last three years are also eligible to present.

If you would like to present your technology, please register as soon as possible.