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IS2 training is coming in June

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Registration for iS² training opens June 2!  


These courses contain important information regarding the
upcoming changes to business processes and systems and how it affects you and
your role!


Training will be delivered on scheduled days and at varying
times between June 21 and July 22, 2011 through one of four types of
delivery methods:

  • Lecture-style Overview courses will focus
    on business process changes at a high level. 
    • Instructor-Led Training (ILT) will be
      delivered in a computer lab and focus on specific business process and system
      changes.  Each participant will be provided a computer workstation for
      access to a PeopleSoft training environment. 

  • Expert-Led courses will be
    delivered to smaller audiences (less than 10) on specialized functions.
  • eLearning courses are
    learner-driven (at your own pace and convenience), and will be offered via
    Blackboard, the U of C online course management service .  eLearning
    courses will be available 24x7.


  • The schedule and registration for ILT courses
    will be available starting June 2nd. More information is
    available on the iS2 website.
  • eLearning courses will be available starting June
    Instructions on how to access the courses will be included
    in an email inviting you to training and also available on the iS2
  • The amount of training recommended depends on
    your roles and in what capacity you use PeopleSoft. 
  • Over the next week you will receive an email(s)
    detailing the specific training strongly recommended
    for you, based on your role. This email will provide
    registration and access instructions for all courses and training material.
  • Another cycle of Instructor-Led Training will be
    available in August and September to accommodate individuals unable to attend
    training in June and July due to vacations.  Training prior to go-live is
    highly recommended and the preferred option, if at all possible.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

For additional information, please

Who will IS2 affect?
IS2 will affect almost all staff and faculty members on campus and many students too. If you do one of the items below, then you need to know about how IS2 will affect you:

Do you submit timesheets?
Do you want to update your banking information?
Do you need to change your personal information?
Do you want to apply for a new opportunity at the U of C?
Are you a manager who approves timesheets?
Are you a manager/supervisor who initiates job hires, terminations or job changes?
Are you a manager/budget owner who approves recruitment initiation, hires and job changes?
Do you perform recruitment functions?
Are you a grad administrator that hires grad students?
Do you work with non-employees?
Do you approve payments to graduate students?
Do you perform salary recoveries and salary benefit adjustments?

If any of these functions describe you, you should review the IS2Change Impacts Document and be aware of upcoming information sessions in April and training, which will begin later this spring.

Launch date
The “go live” system launch date is set for July 29, 2011, which is when the new systems will be used. For example: you will be entering your own timesheet onto the systems, as opposed to paper.  The new hire process, which will be electronic, will also start then, and the paper will no longer be used.
These changes will not only bring us into compliance with the requirements of our external funders, but will create the foundation for ongoing improvements to financial controls and administrative services, supporting the university as it grows into a recognized leader among academic institutions.