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New creative spaces are just around the corner


Construction to upgrade spaces for drama and music begins in
Craigie Hall F.

Last year the Faculty of Arts received a $1-million dollar
gift from entrepreneur and long-time supporter of the University of Calgary,
Dick Matthews. Matthew’s generous donation benefits both the Departments of
Drama and Music and is being used to revitalize the Studio Theatre and upgrade
the music rehearsal and teaching space in Craigie Hall block F.

The Studio Theatre will now be located on the main floor of
Craigie Hall block F - just down the hall from the University Theatre -
allowing for easier public access. With 160 seats and full technical
capabilities, the theatre will be a place that students and graduate students
can call their own.

“The rejuvenation of the Studio Theatre opens up so many
opportunities and is a great benefit for everyone,” explains Clem Martini,
Head, Department of Drama. “The updated space will not only genuinely permit
people to do the research that they are here to do but will also open up the
University and Reeve theatres for guest performances and artists, providing
students opportunities to experience and learn from international talent.”

The old Studio Theatre will be used by the Department of
Music. The new space has been designed with careful attention to the
flexibility required of a music teaching and rehearsal space, like the ability
to control the acoustics.

“We will now be able to meet the differing requirements of
different performance ensembles and styles, from brass and percussion to
strings,” explains Dr. William Jordan, professor and Head, Department of Music.
“We look forward to the opening of the new rehearsal and teaching spaces, and
we will want to invite our community partners to join us in celebrating this project
once it’s complete.”

The other important benefit to the construction is the
addition of more digital infrastructure and networking capabilities, which will
only enhance the experiences of the students and faculty.

Construction officially kicked off Monday, October 18, 2010
and is scheduled for completion in February 2011. During the renovations the
basement and main floor of Craigie Hall block F is closed to traffic.