Feb. 14, 2022

UCalgary's Got Talent (UCGT)

Opportunity to Engage in the Wider Campus Community

UCGT is a new club being formed here at the UofC! Each semester, we hope to host a benefit talent show, showcasing various acts from students across the UofC community. Each act will choose and represent a local Calgary-based charity. All proceeds (including ticket sales) will go to the winning charity, providing students with the opportunity to directly give back to their community. We want to leave the students, the charities and the audience feeling empowered and like they have truly made a difference.  

UCGT believes there is a lack of awareness regarding local Calgary-based charities. Many local charities in Calgary go unnoticed or underfunded due to a lack of exposure. In addition, there is a lot of unrecognized talent here at the UofC. We would like to utilize the untapped talent to spread awareness on local charities. We hope to create a sense of community and cohesion amongst the different faculties at the UofC, with all students united to achieve the specific goal of shedding light on various charities and raising funds.

There are some open positions at UCGT. We believe that the students in the classes you specifically teach may be interested in joining the cause. We are currently assembling our founding executive council, and are looking for VP Marketing Directors, VP Technical Directors, VP Set Design Directors, and VP Finance and Outreach Directors. 

The sign-up form can be found here