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PURE Award winners 2015: Christina Braybrook

Student working on project that maps disturbed environments, restoraton progress in Northwest Territories

By Heath McCoy
May 27, 2015

Committed to a goal of research excellence with its bold Eyes High strategy, one of the University of Calgary’s most important initiatives is the Program for Undergraduate Research Experience, better known as PURE.

Each year undergraduates can apply for the prestigious PURE Awards, which provide financial research support to some of the university’s most promising students over the Spring and Summer months.

The program is designed to give undergraduate students the opportunity to learn how to develop research projects, undertake independent research and contribute to knowledge in their respective fields.

In this Q&A series we will meet the PURE Award winners from the Faculty of Arts. Good luck to each of them in their research pursuits!

Name: Christina Braybrook

Degree sought: Bachelor of Science in geography, going into 4th year.

Research topic: “Mapping linear disturbances using remote sensing in the Sahtu Region in the Northwest Territories.”

What attracted you to this particular research project? “This project was designed by my fellow geography student Sarah Cole for her Master’s Thesis. I was selected to assist with research for the summer of 2015 and determine a related independent endeavor. This research project appealed to me because it uses applications of remote sensing, which is my area of focus, to evaluate the state of a disturbed region.”

Why is this research important? “Because it offers a non-bias perspective to evaluate both an environment that has been disturbed and its state of restoration. Aspects of this research involve determining the state of regrowth for linear disturbances (primarily old seismic lines that were cleared for oil and gas), which is essential for the well being of species’ that inhabit the area, particularly woodland caribou.”

What do you hope to achieve with this research? “Sarah’s primary goal is to develop an effective and efficient method to map linear disturbances in the region of study using remote sensing. I hope to contribute to the success of this project and discover a related independent venture for an undergraduate thesis project.”

What do you love most about your field of study? “Geography offers a wide breadth of study, which allows for collaboration with individuals and organizations from countless disciplines. I love that in geography I am able to interact with people that have different perspectives and opinions and still be able to achieve goals that contribute to a better environment.”

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