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Seed Research Grants Results

The Faculty of Arts Associate Deans (Research) are pleased to announce the results of the internal Seed Grants competition.  This funding is intended to assist or match other available funds for research projects which will lead to Tri-Council or other external funding applications.  All submissions were reviewed by a subcommittee of the Research and Scholarship Committee that consisted of Dr. Geoffrey Simmins from the Dean’s Office, Dr. Linda Fedigan from Anthropology and Dr. Charles Scialfa from Psychology.  We received 14 applications in total, which displayed a lot of breadth and diversity, of which 11 were successful.  The following table provides a brief summary of the funded projects:



Julio Mercader – Archaeology

The researcher will be doing exploratory fieldwork in Mozambique focusing on ‘prehistoric trace analysis’.

Kathryn Reese –Taylor -  Archaeology

This project focuses on reconnaissance work relating to the Maya culture and the site of Yaxnohcah to determine the potential of the wetlands for conducting paleoenvironmental studies.

Jean René Leblanc - Art

This project is a research collaboration with the University of Quebec and will explore interactive  virtual dance, evolutionary computing and art/design.

Patrick Feng - Communication & Culture

This researcher seeks to better understand the social, political, and economic impact of environmental certification programs by examining the effectiveness and legitimacy of certification programs as vehicles for environmental change.

Subhasish Dugar - Economics

A series of controlled field experiments will be conducted to  determine if individuals are willing to expend any effort in order to achieve status prizes such as ‘employee of the month’ and whether individuals exert higher effort for prizes that are associated with higher status value.

Susan Rudy - English

The researcher, along with several graduate students, will build “the Erin Moure Living Knowledge Site” which will include a digital archive. Moure is a major Canadian poet.

Lisa Hughes - Greek and Roman Studies

This project will research information on Neronian theatrical performances through art and literature and interpret data for the purposes of determining suitability of the paintings from theatrical performances within select domus  and villae in the Bay of Naples region.

Noreen Humble - Greek and Roman Studies

This project will explore what role Xenophon‘s works played in political philosophy and how they were received.

Sallis Friedemann - Music

Working with a colleague at the University of Lethbridge, this project looks to rent the Eigenmike microphone for testing and see if it can provide an unprecedented level of accuracy and precision in the capture of audio data.

Richard Dyck - Psychology

The researcher will be conducting laboratory experiments on pregnant mice by exposing them to fluoxetine in order to see how this affects serotonin levels and how behavior is changed relative to normal control animals.

Lloyd Wong - Sociology

This project proposes to hire a research assistant to gather media sources that have suggested that the game of hockey specifically, and Canadian sport in general, provides or facilitates social cohesion amongst diverse ethnic and immigrant populations.