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University community recognizes those who spark positive change

2017 Recognition Awards pay tribute to faculty, staff, graduate students, and postdoctoral scholars

Marcia Buchholz, associate vice-president of human resources, emcees the 2017 Recognition Awards. Photo by Riley Brandt

By Lisa Rowson

Across the University of Calgary, faculty, staff, graduate students and postdoctoral scholars are demonstrating through their performance, commitment and service what it means to truly make a difference. These leaders are exceptional individuals who reach above and beyond and, as a result, inspire us each and every day through their efforts and contributions to our institution.

The university’s 2017 Recognition Awards on Thursday, May 25 honoured 15- and 25-year long service award recipients and U Make a Difference award recipients and nominees for their continued endeavours to support and inspire colleagues through innovation, collaboration and positivity.

“I am extremely proud to lead a university with such dedicated students, faculty, staff, graduate students and postdoctoral scholars,” said University of Calgary President and Vice-Chancellor Elizabeth Cannon. “These champions of excellence inspire us with their spirit, and they propel our university community forward as we begin our next half-century with an energized Eyes High strategic vision. We honour their wealth of experience and compassion, and we recognize their commitment to sparking positive change in our community.”

The peer-nominated U Make a Difference awards recognize individuals and teams who exemplify the ability to reach above and beyond the expected. These awards acknowledge outstanding contributions in the areas of innovation and curiosity; collaboration and communication; and positive work environment and community. Long service employees are presented with silver or gold pins for 15 or 25 years of dedicated service as a thank you for their commitment and contributions.

In 2017, 176 long service pins were awarded to faculty and staff who began their careers at the university in 1992 and in 2002. In addition, 69 nominations, both individual and team, were submitted and then reviewed by a selection committee for the U Make a Difference awards. As a result, 20 individual and three team recipients were formally recognized by their peers for making a difference in our university community.  

Please visit the recognition website where all the U Make a Difference nominees and recipients are featured in detail.

Congratulations to the Faculty of Arts 2017 Recognition Awards recipients

UMake a Difference Award Winners

  • Lori Somner, History
  • Lisa Hughes, Classics and Religion

25 Years Long Service Award Recipients

  • Jordan Bell, Sociology
  • Susan Boon, Psychology
  • Richard Calkins, Art
  • Daniel Gordon, Economics
  • Barbara Howe, English
  • Marilyn Kinnear, Geography
  • Kenneth McKenzie, Economics
  • Rachel Schmidt, Classics and Religion
  • Aruna Srivastava, English
  • Jean Wallace, Sociology
  • Larry Wenger, Psychology

15 Years Long Service Award Recipients

  • Cherie Caslyn - Theatre Services
  • Heather Devine, History
  • Kibeom Lee, Psychology
  • Micheline Lee Chick Ban - French Centre
  • Diane Lyons, Anthropology and Archaeology
  • Ken MacMillan, History
  • Mary McDonald, Anthropology and Archaeology
  • Tinu Ruparell, Classics and Religion
  • Tania Smith, Communication, Media and Film
  • Lori Somner, History
  • Annette Timm, History