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If you're not sure how to apply to the Faculty of Arts as a transfer student, learn more.

Once you've been admitted and your transfer credit has been applied to your program, it's important for you to analyze how your transfer credits fit within your new program and degree requirements. There are several tools that you should use, including the academic calendar and Degree Navigator. Any questions relating to your transfer credit should be directed to the Arts Students' Centre.

Here are few important things to know:

Generic credit

Some of your credit may have transferred as generic (2xx or 9xx) credit. This means that while your courses are transferable for university credit, a direct equivalency has not yet been determined. In these instances it is best to complete the following steps:

  • Go over the required courses in your intended program. If you feel that one of your generic courses has covered the same or similar material, do not register in the University of Calgary equivalent course until you have had the generic transfer course assessed by the department offering the course.
  • Forward a copy of your detailed syllabus to the department advisor for the course you are trying to have assessed. For example, if you have received transfer credit PSYC 2XX and would like to know if it is equivalent to a psychology course, contact the Department of Psychology.
  • Once an assessment has been completed on your transfer courses, make sure that all memos from departments have been forwarded to the Arts Students' Centre to have them applied to your program.

    * Note: The entire credit assessment process can take many weeks to complete. Therefore this process should be initiated as soon as you have accepted your offer of admission.

Transfer Credit and Program Restrictions

There are four areas within your degree program where transfer credit restrictions apply. These areas include junior (200 level) course limits, limits within the major field, limits within a minor and total overall program limits. If your course credit from another institution has exceeded any of these program restrictions, some courses will be “extra” to your degree and you will not receive credit for the courses in your University of Calgary degree.

  • Junior (200 level) course limits
    Most degree programs at the Faculty of Arts have a maximum junior course limit of 8.0 full courses. The three-year Bachelor of Communication and Culture (BCC) degree has a limit of 7.0 junior courses. If your transfer credits are assessed at the 200 level and they exceed the junior course limit, some will be extra.
  • Limits within the major field
    The major field is the core courses that are required in your major. For example, the major field for Economics is all courses labeled ECON. In International Relations the major field includes both the core and the cluster courses. A maximum of 4.0 full courses may be transferred in the major field.
  • Limits within a minor
    For minors completed from the humanities (for example, English) a maximum of 2.5 full courses of transfer credit is allowed. For minors completed within the fine arts, half of the courses comprising the minor must be from the University of Calgary.
  • Overall program limits
    In your degree program overall, a maximum of 10.0 full course equivalents may be credited toward the degree program. For the Bachelor of Communication and Culture (BCC) degree no more than 7.5 full courses may be transferred from other institutions. For the Bachelor of Communication Studies (BCS) degree no more than 10.0 full courses may be credited and this includes the required technical diploma.


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