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Books on raising bi- or multilingual children

Recommended by Dr. Jürgen Meisel
(2009). Bilingual First Language Acquisition. Clevedon: Multilingual Matters. 

GROSJEAN, FRANÇOIS (2010). Bilingual. Harvard University Press.

HAGÈGE, CLAUDE (1996). L’enfant aux deux langues. Paris: Odile Jacob.
(for a non-specialist audience)

MEISEL, JÜRGEN (2004). The bilingual child. In: T.K. Bhatia & W.C. Ritchie (Hg), The Handbook of Bilingualism. Oxford: Blackwell Publishers, 91-113.

YIP, VIRGINIA AND MATTHEWS, STEPHEN. (2007). The Bilingual Child: Early Development and Language Contact. Cambridge University Press. 

Recommended by Dr. Rahat Naqvi

(2000). Language, Power and Pedagogy: Bilingual Children in the Crossfire. North York, ON: Multilingual Matters.

CUMMINS, JIM P., SAYERS, DENNIS, & BROWN, KRISTIN. (2007). Literacy, Technology and Diversity: Teaching for Success in Changing Times. Boston: Pearson Education.

SCHECHTER, SANDRA, & CUMMINS, JIM. (2003). Multilingual Education in Practice: Using Diversity as a Resource. Portsmouth: Heinemann.

SNEDDON, RAYMONDE. (2009). Bilingual Books—Biliterate Children: Learning to Read through Dual Language Books. London, UK: Trentham Books. Clevedon, UK: Multilingual Matters.