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Websites with Answers to your Questions about Raising Bi- or Multilingual Children

Why should children learn additional languages? 

Information from the Second Languages and Intercultural Council:

What do parents want to know about bilingualism?
Frequently asked questions:

    Some of the most important questions about raising children with more than one language.This has been posted on the Bilingualism Matters website, maintained by Dr. Antonella Sorace at the University of Edinburgh.

What parents want to know about bilingualism
A resource by Francois Grosjean.

Calgary Herald- “Bilingual Programs Prepare Kids for the Future” 

Raising Bilingual Children: Fact or Fiction? 

Bilingual Children’s Mother Tongue: Why is it Important for Education? 

Raising Bilingual Children:

Inventing Identities: Raising Multicultural Kids:

What does research say about learning in a bilingual environment?    
Spanglish baby:
A resource from the US focusing mainly on raising Spanish-English bilinguals, with good general discussion of raining children bilingually.

Bilingue per Gioco:
    A resource for parents raising Italian speaking children.

Ask a Linguist: 
    The LinguistList’s FAQs on raising bilingual children.

Multilingual Children’s Association: 
    An online guide to raising multilingual children

Bilingual Family Newsletter
    A newsletter with short articles focusing on raising bi- or multilingual children.

Interview on bilingualism:
    Interview with Francois Grosjean, a bilingualism researcher, on growing up bilingually.

What are the cognitive advantages to bilingualism? 
"Advantage for life“
    A video produced by the University of Calgary that highlights the benefits of teaching children additional 

As a new immigrant parent where can I turn to for assistance regarding language education for my child?
Diversity Toolkit: 

Where can my child learn another language? 
Calgary Board of Education French and International Languages