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The implications of COVID-19 on our communities, our society and our lives are far-reaching. From research on mental health and families to the economy and the animal world, Faculty of Arts researchers are at the forefront of seeking to understand the effects of COVID-19.

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Faculty of Arts experts offer knowledge to help navigate the changes brought on by COVID-19.

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How Canadians can use social media to help debunk COVID-19 misinformation

The #ScienceUpFirst campaign targets online misinformation about COVID-19 that can endanger public health, writes Jonathan N. Stea, Faculty of Arts, in Conversation Canada.

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The many faces of face masks

In this podcast, Dr. Cara MacInnis, a social psychologist in our Department of Psychology, answers questions about peoples' attitudes towards wearing masks and why it's such a divisive issue.

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Mom talking to daughter

How to talk to your kids during COVID-19

Children can feel our stress surrounding the pandemic. How can we help them understand?

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Will all the under-socialized babies born in 2020 be OK?

Hear about babies born during, or leading up to the COVID-19 lock down and learn about tips and tricks for socializing your baby during the pandemic.

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School classroom

Coping with going back to school

How you can help your kids prepare for going back to school during the pandemic and see what you can do to help them cope with the anxiety and stress of the transition.

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Mom and kid waiting for their COVID-19 test

Preparing your child for COVID-19 testing

6 tips to prepare your child for easy COVID-19 testing.

Reducing anxiety and easing fears are key, write Kathryn Birnie, Faculty of Arts, and colleague in Conversation Canada.

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How are children coping with COVID-19

Want to know how school-aged children are managing during the pandemic? 

Year-long study launched to understand how children are coping

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Tips on managing stress and anxiety during COVID-19

Tips on managing stress and anxiety during transitional times in the pandemic

A recap from a recent webinar with UCalgary's Keith Dobson

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Psychology of the pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way people interact in countless ways, from physical distancing to moving work relationships online. In this COVIDcast episode, we talk to Dr. Cara MacInnis, PhD, an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology, who's been watching people's behavioural changes as we navigate "the new normal." Cara shares her observations about behavioural shifts she's noticed that affect all of us.

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The importance of sleep

Sheltering in place is wreaking havoc on many people's sleep patterns, which can cause associated problems like substance use and depression. We talk to registered psychologist Dr. Lianne Tomfohr-Madsen, about the importance of getting proper sleep, especially in stressful times, and what people can do if sleep is an issue for them.

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The new economy

The COVID-19 pandemic has been the shock of a lifetime to our economic systems, the effects of which will be felt for years to come. We talk to economist and policy researcher Lindsay Tedds about what economic recovery might look like and what policies we can put in place to soften the blow. 

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Mental wellness

While we stay home to slow the spread of the illness COVID-19, we're also exposing ourselves to other health issues that can stem from isolation, like anxiety and depression. In this episode we talk to renowned psychologist Dr. Keith Dobson about staying mentally well during the pandemic, ways to tell if something isn't right, and strategies for support if people aren't doing well.

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Woman on video call with young boy

UCalgary Psychology Clinic deploys telehealth technology to keep its doors open

Switch to virtual services during pandemic a positive transition for patients, student therapists, and staff

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Learn, Practice, improve

Mindfulness and self-compassion: Keys to getting through it all

The coronavirus pandemic has thrust many of us into an impossible situation: how to manage a full-time job, take care of ourselves, maintain a daily routine and keep our kids busy — all without leaving the house. In this webinar, registered psychologist Dr. Lianne Tomfohr-Madsen, PhD, discusses how mindfulness — the ability to recognize a situation and not react to it — and self-compassion — the ability to be kind to yourself — are more important than ever in trying times.

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COVID-19 research

Faculty of Arts researchers creating new knowledge

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Organized dance activities help older adults suffering from COVID-19 loneliness, study finds

Organized dance activities help older adults suffering from COVID-19 loneliness, study finds

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Fear isn’t enough to change youth behaviours during COVID-19, researcher says

Fear isn’t enough to change youth behaviours during COVID-19, researcher says

New app will help youth align actions with their values to yield long-term change

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COVID-19 has been much harder on those who already had anxiety and financial issues

COVID-19 has been much harder on those who already had anxiety and financial issues

Lockdown measures have been much harder on those with pre-existing anxiety issues or in lower-income demographics, writes Alex Bierman, Faculty of Arts, and colleagues in Conversation Canada

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Sheri Madigan and Nicole Racine

COVID-19 sees rise of maternal mental health difficulties

In wake of post-pandemic turmoil, symptoms of anxiety and depression nearly doubled in mothers

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Stock photo of nurse helping elderly man into bed

Will COVID-19 finally force us to address the devaluation of long-term care workers?

New analysis of 2016 census data shows the intersecting inequalities and financial penalties attached to jobs that take a physical and mental toll, write Naomi Lightman and Courtney Baay, Faculty of Arts, in Policy Options

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Naomi Lightman

New study examines impact of pandemic on immigrant women care workers

UCalgary sociologist Naomi Lightman embarks on project as winner of Thelma Margaret Horte Memorial Fellowship in Women and Society.

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ArtsCast: Plug in with the Faculty of Arts

Social Estrangement and Psychological Distress Before and After the pandemic

In this podcast, Sociology professor Dr. Alex Bierman discusses his newly published study examining the levels of social estrangement and psychological distress of Canadian workers and how's it risen dramatically in the wake of COVID-19.

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Tanvir Turin Chowdhury headshot

Mental wellness of immigrant workers during pandemic

Research will assess mental wellness of immigrant workers during pandemic.

Six UCalgary projects receive federal funding for social science and humanities research focused on COVID-19.

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Gorilla at the Calgary zoo

Some non-human primates bear similar risk as humans for COVID-19 infection

Newly published UCalgary-led study calls for measures to protect primate populations from humans

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Naomi Lightman

Your postal code matters as much as your genetic code

How will COVID-19 affect you? Your postal code matters as much as your genetic code, says Canada’s top doctor. 

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Woman laying on the bed with hands over her face

COVID-19 isolation hurting women more than men

Researchers publish study showing differences in sleep quality, empathy and mood.

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People wearing masks

The new social etiquette in a COVID-19 world

UCalgary experts weigh in on the changing realities and rules in this time of social turmoil

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Woman sitting on the edge of her bed in the dark

COVID-19 researchers probe link between sleep and the greater good

What happens to empathy when we aren't sleeping properly? UCalgary scholars seek participants for study

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Pregnant mom and her child

Pregnant moms across Canada surveyed on COVID-19

Researchers to track babies born during pandemic for brain development

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Picture from wagonstage performance

UCalgary students inspire COVID-19 Wagonstage productions

Bringing together the community during the pandemic, UCalgary students created fun and engaging performances for Wagonstage productions.

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Researcher wearing new COVID-19 mask

UCalgary alumni develops custom COVID-19 mask

Engineering and communications grads take experience in custom footwear to next step in fight against global pandemic

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Graduate student

Graduate student internship shifts gears during COVID-19

Doing an internship during normal times is a learning experience, but what about doing an internship during a global crisis?

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Beyond the rhetoric of welcome

OP-ED: Canada’s International Graduate Students and COVID-19: Beyond the Rhetoric of Welcome

How the COVID-19 pandemic has affected international students traveling to the United States, as well as other countries, to complete their education.

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Stressed parent

Family mental health crisis:

Parental depression, anxiety during COVID-19 will affect kids too

An escalation in parental anxiety and depression may also have long-term effects on children, write Lianne Tomfohr-Madsen, Faculty of Arts, and colleague in Conversation Canada

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Computer with man giving thumbs up

How to land a job when companies have shifted to virtual hiring

Companies are increasingly turning to virtual hiring methods, including interviews that don’t involve human interaction, write Joshua Bourdage and Eden-Raye Lukacik, Faculty of Arts, and colleague in Conversation Canada

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Boy video calling with a woman

8 summer activities to promote kids’ healthy development during COVID-19

During warm summer months, playing outside allows children and parents the chance to mavel at the natural world, write Penny Pexman, Lorraine Reggin and Sheri Madigan, Faculty of Arts in Conversation Canada

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Peter Toohey photo

Stuck in a lineup at the store? Consider the evolutionary benefits of waiting

New book by UCalgary classics professor Peter Toohey brings new perspective to a pandemic world on hold

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Elderly people sitting on a bench

Who will be left behind when the ‘new normal’ begins?

As number of vulnerable Calgarians grows amidst the pandemic, data-driven social justice must guide decision-making

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COVID-19 researchers probe link between sleep and the greater good

What happens to empathy when we aren’t sleeping properly? UCalgary scholars seek participants for study

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Elderly man by a window

How to help socially isolated seniors during COVID-19

Director of UCalgary’s Healthy Aging Lab shares tips on supporting older adults in need

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pen writing on paper

Writing in suspended time: Approaches to creativity and creative thinking

Novelist, essayist, cultural commentator and UCalgary English prof Aritha van Herk on sparking a creative practice during extraordinary times

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Batman comic book cover

Comics vs. coronavirus: Comics industry shut down for the first time in almost a century

An extended pause by the biggest publishers could spur comic creators to pursue new projects and accelerate a shift away from comic book stores, writes Bart Beaty in Conversation Canada

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Primates, genomics and ecology lab takes on COVID-19

Team of biological anthropologists play a key role in COVID-19 genomics group

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