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The Faculty of Arts strictly adheres to the Tri-Council ethics policy for research involving human participants. This applies to all faculty research, regardless of funding source. The Tri-Council consists of Canada's three main research funding agencies: the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). Read more about the Tri-Council Policy Statement.

The purpose of the Tri-Council policies and guidelines is to ensure that researchers conduct their studies in a manner that meets the highest ethical standards. The primary rationale behind these obligations is to protect the welfare, and respect the dignity, of research participants.

For more information, please see:

When do I require ethics approval?

If you plan to conduct research that involves human subjects, you are required to seek, and receive, ethics approval from the appropriate research ethics board/committee before proceeding with your study. More > 

Faculty and graduate research ethics applications

All applications for faculty and graduate research should be submitted to the Conjoint Faculties Research Ethics Board (CFREB) in Research Services. Please note that as of March 2013, faculty and graduate applications must be submitted electronically through the Institutional Research Information Support System (IRISS). For more information, please contact contact Janaki Jayanthan, Research Ethics Analyst, at (403) 220-4283, or at

Undergraduate research ethics applications

Update: As of September 2013, all undergraduate students in the Faculty of Arts must complete the TCPS 2 Tutorial Course on Research Ethics (CORE), priod to the submission of their ethics application. Please go to this link to complete the tutorial. The completed electronic certificate, which the student receives upon completion of the tutorial, must be submitted along with the ethics application form(s), as described below.

Course-Based Research Projects

Course-based ethics approval is a way to expedite review when a significant number of student projects in a course involve human participants. The Faculty Research Ethics Committee can temporarily delegate limited ethics committee authority to an instructor of a specific undergraduate or graduate course. In order to delegate this authority, the ethics committee must ensure the instructor knows enough about the relevant ethical guidelines that apply to their students' research.

Download the course-based ethics application form. The application should be submitted both in hard copy and by email to Kinga Olszewska.

> Read more about course-based research projects

Individual Student Research

If any student in an undergraduate course performs research with human participants as part of an assignment or class participation (i.e. surveys, interviews, observation), he/she must receive research ethics approval before beginning to recruit participants.

Download the undergraduate student ethics application form. The application should be submitted both in hard copy and by email to Kinga Olszewska, with the student's supervisor cc'd on the email.

Note: Undergraduate students in the Department of Psychology must apply to the department for ethics approval.
Psychology students should contact Daniel McGrath, Chair of the Department of Psychology Research Ethics Board.