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Alchemy Festival of Student Work

March 22 – April 11, 2018

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Single tickets: $13 / $10
Festival pass: $60 / $45

Please note that performances may contain mature subject matter and/or coarse language.
Suggested for ages 14+.

Alchemy marks a turning point for the School of Creative and Performing Arts. For over a decade Drama has hosted the Taking Flight Festival of student work, forming a rich legacy of new creation and ambitious productions from a broad range of theatrical approaches. In 2018 the SCPA is reimagining the possibilities of a festival of student work in the form of Alchemy: a fully interdisciplinary, three-week, tri-division celebration of student work in music, drama, dance and interdisciplinary performance.

Alchemy is ‘an act of transmutation, a seemingly magical process for turning everyday materials into things of great worth.’ How better to capture the transformations that occur when talented students truly commit themselves to advanced creation and performance? The festival will feature a wide range of Drama offerings (text-based productions, performance-creation, and staged readings), Dance events (Dance@Noon and Dance@Night), and Music concerts (multiple Ensemble performances and the latest inventions of Voicelab), as well as original, fully-interdisciplinary student creations. As such, it makes manifest the spirit of collaboration across and between artistic disciplines that the formation of the SCPA makes possible.

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Drama performances

Woyzeck, by Georg Büchner, translated by Carl Mueller. Directed by Constantine Combitsis.
Trafford Tanzi, by Claire Luckham. Directed by Zach McKendrick.
Conversations with my Sister, by Rebecca Comer. Directed by Cayley Wreggitt.
Pearl, by Colin Gibbings. Directed by Cayley Wreggitt.
Innocence. A devised project directed by Danelle White, assistant directed by Anna Bishop.
A Dinner Party (460 Devised Theatre), facilitated by Bianca Manuel and Britt Van Groningen.
O_T R_NN_NG POS_T__TY (500 Movement).


When She was Good, by Meredith Taylor-Parry. Directed by Jenna Rodgers, assistant directed by Kris Teo.
Mild Rude Humor, by Ryan Diller. Directed by Christine Brubaker.
Ablaze, by Aldona Jaworska. Directed by Samantha McDonald.
Bodies, by Johnathan Clark. Directed by Jason Mehmel
This New Life (previously Sexxxy), by Anna MacAlpine. Directed by Alyssa Bradac.

Interdisciplinary performances

Coalesce, created and performed by Amelia Sharp and Melissa Avila.
Your Cute, by Pete Lagosky. Directed by Taylor Guidotti.

Dance performances


Music performances

World Music, directed by Rod Squance
Collegium Musicum, directed by Julie Harris
Music for Brass & Percussion, directed by Gareth Jones & Rod Squance
Voice Lab, directed by Laura Hynes
Chamber Music, directed by Edmond Agopian
Chamber Choir, directed by Jean-Louis Bleau