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Chamber Music

Director: Edmond Agopian

Jessica Jo, Mirabelle Jien, Allison Kim, Tayla Mapatac (flutes)

Subin Choi (violin)
Taryn Leahy (viola)
Evangelina Ambrose (cello)

Friday, November 30, 2018 at 12 p.m.

This concert is FREE

The Chamber Music Program at the University of Calgary offers a rich and varied experience for qualified performers, regardless of instrument. Graduate and undergraduate performers collaborate to perform on-campus and in the community. There are several chamber ensembles that are off-shoots of this program, including percussion, guitar, and brass choir.


Harmony in Blue and Gold by Eric Ewazen

  • 1. La Princesse du Pays de la Porcelaine
  • 2. Counterpoint of Color
  • 3. The Artisans
  • 4. Fighting Peacocks

String Trio, Op. 9 in G major by Ludwig van Beethoven

  • I. Adagio - Allegro con brio