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April 5, 6 and 7 at 8 p.m.  

Tickets: $13 Adults - $10 Students/Seniors
Festival pass: $60 / $45

Presented as part of ALCHEMY: Festival of Student Work

Dance@Night presents the final choreographic works of students completing their BFA in Dance. It is a satisfying and challenging experience for both students and instructor. In this course-based project, students identify and follow their own creative process, without assigned themes provided; a shift from earlier classes in composition. The only assigned task is to investigate and experiment, and determine why they want to make choreographic work. Over the course of the academic year, these emerging choreographers have explored and refined ideas that are important to them as individual artists. The underlying aesthetic principles they have developed shape their works. These works are a synthesis of information gleaned from their years of exploration, experimentation and reflection, as well as their personal research efforts and aesthetic values.

Choreographies by Melissa Avila, Samantha Ketsa, Maggie Myles, Alexa Lefebvre, Janelle Maddox, Elizabeth Ferns, Frankie Warren
Group performance choreographed by Melissa Monteros