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Faculty update: Sept. 2017

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Wondering what our faculty members are up to? Here's a brief snapshot of some of the activities.

Rod Squance had an full length album released internationally on the Plaza Mayor label, part of the EMI group. Titled Zeugma: improvisations spontané,it is a collaboration of unplanned duo improvisations between myself on the marimba and Michalis Andronikou on the bouzouki (one of our recent PhD graduates in composition). It is distributed internationally on digital formats including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc. as well as international physical distribution in record stores. Special thanks to Laurie Radford for helping with the recording.

Laura Hynes will present Raise Your Voice at the University of Lethbridge on Sept. 26

Melanie Kloetzel's evening-length site-adaptive work, It began with watching, premiered at The Works Art & Design Festival in June 2017. The work was featured at Edmonton City Hall and at the new Vignettes Building. Trailer of the work  
Melanie Kloetzel published the article, "Site and Re-Site: Early Efforts to Serialize Site Dance" in Dance Research Journal 49:1 (April 2017), pp. 6-23. The article addresses the roots of site-adaptive dance.
Melanie Kloetzel also published "Site, Adapt, Perform: A Practice-as-Research Confrontation with Climate Change" through Edinburgh University Press. Dance Research, 35.1 (2017): 111–129.

Bruce Barton has recently returned from Nova Scotia after 2.5 weeks of development on a new performance piece entitled tiny with Halifax's Zuppa Theatre Company. The performance explores "the quotidian life of superheroes," and is headed towards an early 2019 production. Bruce is playwright on the project.

Pil Hansen will introduce an exciting new course entitled Dance Psychology. The course is required in the new Pedagogy Concentration (Dance) and already holds a waiting list. There is currently equal participation by dance, psychology, and kinesiology students, and international professors in cognitive psychology, neuroscience, and the performing arts look forward to sharing course outlines.  

Wojciech Mochniej returns from Poland where auditions for his new work "WE SELLE_PL"were held in Krakow, Kielce and Warsaw. "WE SELLE_PL" will be presented in the Professional Series January 2018, During the month of August he also began setting a new work on the professional company Kielce Dance Theatre, and taught daily professional workshops for the company and the community

Michele Moss travelled to Uganda where she was a guest with Batalo East Academy. Traveling with two dance alumni and an undergraduate they shared her work, and research regarding pedagogy and wellness for a healthy dancer and dance practice. The participants were from Tanzania, Kenya, Congo and Uganda. The academy hosted the Canadian contingent along with a local university faculty member who taught traditional Ugandan dances. The faculty was rounded out by a dance artist from Ethiopia who taught both tradition and contemporary fusion. The event was multifaceted from the dance workshop academy - a first in East African - to the culminating weekend festival and competition. The workshop and festival also highlighted many urban art practices, such as music creation, graffiti, traditional and contemporary visual art, fashion, poetry and choreography and performance.