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Faculty Update: Summer 2018

Jeremy Brown performed in The Relief Band, a 17 piece orchestra led by Tim Tamashiro, during the Calgary Stampede. This was the first year in many that the Grandstand Show scored the music for a jazz band. Brown played tenor saxophone.

Laura Hynes presented ConcerT: Testosterone and the Transgender Singing Voice at Symposium II in St. John’s, NL in July. She also taught masterclasses and lessons to visiting students from China during the Global Voices program hosted at Mount Royal University (thumbnail photo), and masterclasses in French mélodie and opera arias for the Cowtown Opera Summer Academy.

Melanie Kloetzel traveled to Malta in July to participate in a panel called Contra Rhythms and Contra Flows: Dance, Site and Urban Resistance as part of the second annual Dance Studies Association conference. Dance sessional Alen Chaudhry and dance alumnus Rufio O. Rodriguez (BA'15) were also there to present a lecture-demonstration fusion entitled Coalescence of Disparate Dances: Conflict and Creativity.