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Course withdrawals

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What is a course withdrawal?

It is common that the terms "dropping" a course and "withdrawing" from a course are used interchangeably, however, they both have different meanings and implications.

  • Dropping a course refers to a change, made by the student, in their course registration for a particular semester. Dropping a course is completed prior to the stated drop deadline (usually a week or so after the first day of classes). The drop deadlines are always listed at the beginning of the academic calendar and are listed under important dates & events. They are extremely important to be aware of. No notation of the dropped course is made on a student's transcripts.
  • Withdrawing from a course involves changing the current registration after the drop deadline has passed. Withdraws are noted on a student's transcripts as a "W." Note that there are deadlines for the last day to withdraw from courses as noted in the academic calendar. Withdrawal deadlines are also listed under important dates & events. Failure to withdraw from a course prior to the deadline means that students are responsible for the completion of the course, regardless of the grade they may receive.

Do withdrawals impact my GPA?

A withdrawal carries no grade point value and therefore does not impact your GPA. However, there may be future implications to having W's on your academic transcript if applying to other programs. Any questions should be addressed to a program advisor at the Student Success Centre.

How can I withdraw from a course?

Students can withdraw from a course through their online Student Centre (available through the My U of C portal) by using the "drop" function. Note: students will NOT be permitted to withdraw more than once from a particular course. If you are trying to withdraw for a second (or more) time from the same course, you will need to seek permission. A program advisor at the Arts Students' Centre can help direct you in this situation.

How many withdrawals can I have in my program?

Students will normally be required to withdraw from the faculty if they accumulate a total of more than 5.0 full-course equivalent withdrawals while in attendance at the University of Calgary. (Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Associate Dean of Student Affairs in cases where withdrawals are the consequence of serious illness or other legitimate, and appropriately documented, circumstances.)



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