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Exhibition Sweet Nowheres opens Feb. 20 >
John Ferris owes the distinction to his pioneering work in technical aspects of signals intelligence >
Taylor Institutes hosts Indigenization and Teaching: A Workshop on Pedagogies, Protocols and Worldviews, March 1 >
Frank O’Dea's inspiring presentation one of several free campus-wide events on Thursday promoting mental health and well-being >
Building on the Eyes High Strategy 2017-22, both plans emphasize student experience and impact, and drive innovation >
Music, dance and drama join forces for an intimate, immersive performance on the life of composer Henry Cowell >
Student’s vision and example inspired classmates and faculty alike as she audited 102 courses >
Researchers and Indigenous community members work toward a common goal >
University’s Founders’ Gallery opens poignant exhibitions of art depicting Canadian wartime experiences Wednesday, Feb. 7 >
Scholars explore ingredients for entrepreneurial thinking – and how to teach them >
Canadawide initiative raises almost $7 million to help end the stigma around mental illness >
Arts and Science Co-op/Internship program honours keen workers, committed mentors >
Deadline to submit abstracts for Peer Beyond Graduate Research Symposium is Feb. 5 >
In response to Alberta's Climate Leadership Plan, researchers will work to reduce methane emissions from oil and gas sector >
Markin USRP recipient Lindsey Trépanier wants to help children with cancer grow up healthier >