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Our mission is to reflect on the world and our place in it through critical inquiry, creative practices and collaborative exploration.

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Critical and creative research

Our research engages communities and fosters innovation, leadership and creative practice.

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Teaching excellence and expertise

We promote, celebrate and reward innovations in teaching practices. We prepare our students for a variety of academic and non-academic careers.

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Internationalize your degree

Study at a partner university or take part in an international field school organized by the University of Calgary. Work for a vetted international organization. Or take part in a research placement at a partner institution.

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Embracing equity, diversity and inclusion

We are committed to understanding cultural and social differences both locally and globally, and to promoting equal rights and opportunities across our constituencies.

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Latest news

Economics alumnus Ryan Dunfield honoured as one of Canada’s Top 40 Under 40

CEO of global asset management firm SAF Group gives back to his alma mater, establishing bursary, scholarship, and fellowship...

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Creating a more sustainable and just food system: 3 critical ingredients

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Most-read student stories of 2021

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In the media

In the News: Lucija Muehlenbachs, Economics, CTV News

Budget officer finds $1B orphan well liability by 2025; critics claim underestimate

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In the News: Penny Pexman, Psychology, in The Conversation Canadaa

The Wordle craze: Why do we love puzzles, and are they good for our brains?

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In the News: Trevor Tombe, Economics, in The Hub

Making sense of high inflation in Canada

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In the News: Alexander Hill, History, Centre for Military, Security and Strategic Studies, in The Conversation Canada

Who’s to blame in the Ukraine-Russia standoff? It depends on perspective

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Anthropology and Archaeology


Department Head: Dr. Peter Dawson
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Art and Art History


Department Head: Denis Gadbois
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Classics and Religion


Department Head: Dr. Marica Cassis
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Communication, Media and Film


Department Head: Dr. Charles Tepperman
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Creative and Performing Arts (School of)


School Director: Bruce Barton
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Department Head: Dr. Robert Oxoby
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Department Head: Dr. Jacqueline Jenkins
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Department Head: Dr. Andrea Freeman
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Department Head: Dr. Jewel Spanger
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Languages, Linguistics, Literatures and Cultures (School of)


School Director: Dr. Mark Conliffe
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Department Head: Dr. Nicole Wyatt
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Political Science


Department Head: Dr. Antonio Franceschet
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Department Head: Dr. Keith Yeates
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Department Head: Dr. Fiona Nelson
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