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Our mission is to reflect on the world and our place in it through critical inquiry, creative practices and collaborative exploration.

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Critical and creative research

Our research engages communities and fosters innovation, leadership and creative practice.

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Teaching excellence and expertise

We promote, celebrate and reward innovations in teaching practices. We prepare our students for a variety of academic and non-academic careers.

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Internationalize your degree

Study at a partner university or take part in an international field school organized by the University of Calgary. Work for a vetted international organization. Or take part in a research placement at a partner institution.

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Embracing equity, diversity and inclusion

We are committed to understanding cultural and social differences both locally and globally, and to promoting equal rights and opportunities across our constituencies.

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Latest news

Humans have been altering the environment with fire for at least 85,000 years: new study

UCalgary research team offers key contributions to Yale-led paper...

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Students harness social media for harm-reduction initiative

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Graduate Students' Association announces recipients of 2020-21 GSA Awards

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Annual community forum tackles timely topics of the day in the spirit of public debate

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In the media

In the News: Trevor Tombe, Department of Economics, in The Calgary Herald

Liberal budget generosity stops cold at stabilization payments for Alberta

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In the News: Lindsay M Tedds, Department of Economics, in Globe and Mail

What can the CERB teach Canada about establishing a universal basic income? Very little (subscribers content)

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In the News: Trevor Tombe, Department of Economics, in The Epoch Times

Conservative Alberta Unhappy With O’Toole’s Carbon Proposal (subscribers content)

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In the News: Melanee Thomas, Department of Political Science, in CC

How 'orphaned voters' may end up deciding the next Alberta election

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