Faculty of Arts Awards and Celebration of Excellence

Recognizing faculty, staff and alumni

Nominations are closed for 2019

Award categories

In accordance with the Eyes High Energize goals of sharpening the University of Calgary’s focus on research and scholarship, enriching the quality and breadth of learning, and integrating the university into the community, the Faculty of Arts Awards recognize excellence in a number of areas among our colleagues and staff in the faculty. These awards are presented annually for outstanding achievements to faculty and staff within the Faculty of Arts as well as distinguished alumni.

Research excellence can be demonstrated in many ways. As such, the Faculty of Arts research awards consider a faculty member’s contributions through research creation, journal publications, grantsmanship, conference presentations and invited symposia, exhibitions, graduate student supervision and other forms of output.

The Faculty of Arts International Research Award is intended to recognize faculty members who are achieving excellence in international research. As such, the Faculty of Arts International Research & Scholarship Award will consider a faculty member's ongoing contributions through a number of the following: research creation, artistic contributions and performances, international archival research, international research collaboration, journal or book publications, editing international journals, creative works produced/exhibited in international festivals and arts spaces, publishing in international journals or non-English language journals, curating international exhibitions and festivals, grantsmanship, conference presentations and invited symposia or speaker series, exhibitions, graduate student supervision, mentorship, training programs, adjudicating international awards or grants, providing a leading role in international learned societies, and other forms of output.

The Faculty of Arts Teaching Awards acknowledge teaching excellence as critically important to our faculty; they recognize undergraduate and graduate teaching in the areas of classroom instruction, course design, curriculum development, leadership in teaching and innovation in teaching methods.

The Faculty of Arts Award for Internationalization recognizes faculty members who have shown leadership in one or more areas that contribute to the goals identified in the International Strategy of the University of Calgary.

The Faculty of Arts Outstanding Staff Recognition Award celebrates individual or team achievements through an annual award nomination process, which is open to all staff in the Faculty of Arts. Two awards will be given annually to an individual staff member and staff team in the Faculty of Arts.

The Faculty of Arts Celebrated Alumni Award recognizes alumni who are making a difference in both their industries and in their communities. Two awards will be given annually. Learn more »

The Faculty of Arts is committed to respect and compassion in the workplace. We recognize that we have an individual and collective responsibility in building and maintaining a campus environment that promotes well-being, work-life balance, job satisfaction, as well as community and individual resilience. The Special Recognition for Respect and Compassion is intended to recognize faculty and/or staff members (MaPS or AUPE) who are making an outstanding contribution to a Faculty of Arts where individuals flourish through their work with students, post-doctoral fellows, staff and/or faculty members.

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