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The Faculty of Arts is a large, dynamic and growing faculty within one of Canada’s most innovative, bold and ambitious universities. Our faculty is home to internationally acclaimed researchers from the humanities, social sciences and fine arts, as well as many emergent multidisciplinary fields.

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Anthropology and Archaeology >>

Department Head: Dr. Peter Dawson
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Art and Art History >>

Department Head: Denis Gadbois
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Classics and Religion  >>

Department Head: Dr. Marica Cassis
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Communication, Media and Film  >>

Department Head: Dr. Charles Tepperman
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Creative and Performing Arts (School of) >>

School Director: Bruce Barton
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Economics >>

Department Head: Dr. Robert Oxoby
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English >>

Department Head: Dr. Jacqueline Jenkins
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Geography >>

Department Head: Dr. Andrea Freeman
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History >>

Department Head: Dr. Jewel Spanger
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Languages, Linguistics, Literatures and Cultures (School of) >>

School Director: Dr. Mark Conliffe
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Philosophy >>

Department Head: Dr. Nicole Wyatt
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Political Science >>

Department Head: Dr. Antonio Franceschet
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Psychology >>

Department Head: Dr. Keith Yeates
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Sociology >>

Department Head: Dr. Fiona Nelson
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