Business Operations Centre

The Business Operations Centre (BOC) develops documentation & tools to promote efficiencies in administrative processes in the Faculty of Arts. We input routine HR, finance, & other regular transactions to support operations. We provide consulting support to enhance unit-specific procedures.

What services can I access through the Business Operations Centre?

  1. Hiring and Job Administration (HR) Tasks

    • Casual and undergraduate student hires
    • Research funded hires (undergraduate or external; graduate student hires are handled by the AGSC)
    • Job opening requests with a profile approved by compensation
    • Job change requests, including contract extensions
    • Sessional hires
    • Overloads
  2. Payment and Procurement (Finance) Tasks

    • Invoice payments
    • Honorariums
    • Payments to Indigenous Cultural Advisors / Traditional Knowledge Keepers (TKKs)
    • Purchase order requests (where your P-Card / T&E Card cannot be used)
    • Undergraduate scholarship payments
    • Invoices for accounts receivable payments
    • Interdepartmental billing (IDBs)
    • Journal corrections (non-salary)
  • Decision trees
  • Guides
  • Communications
  • Advice
  • Expertise
  • Tools

Frequently asked questions

Submit an inquiry and our team will determine whether the request can be completed by the Business Operations Centre or if it should be forwarded to UService.

The Business Operations Centre does not currently accept walk-ins.

The Business Operations Centre can be contacted through a ticket. We currently do not receive calls or emails.

Our Team

Anisha Karia-Venugopal

Manager, Department Operations


John McDougall

Sr. Business Operations Administrator

Hemapriya Venkataraman

Sr. Business Operations Administrator

Anna Marattil

Business Operations Administrator

Charles Topper

Solutions Specialist