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Why study Philosophy?

Learn how to think, discuss and write about abstract ideas. Discover how philosophy contributes to disciplines as diverse as sociology and computer science. You'll develop skills that lead to success in a wide range of graduate studies, and beyond.

Why Women's Studies?

The interdisciplinary Women’s Studies program focuses on gender and sexuality as they exist independently and in relation to race, class, disability, and other important social issues. The program offers students opportunities to engage in participatory classrooms, collaborative learning, and leadership experiences.

The supportive and welcoming attitudes of the members of the Philosophy Department at the University of Calgary fostered a collaborative environment that allowed me to thrive personally and academically.

Makmiller Pedroso

PhD'12, Assistant Professor, Towson University

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Learn to answer the big questions. What is the ultimate nature of reality? How should we construct a just society? And how can we lead good lives?

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Undergraduate programs

Women's Studies

Are you interested in exploring concepts like ethnicity, socio-cultural systems, gender, and sexual identity? Join our diverse program and learn to navigate these ideas.

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MA and PhD programs

Our department is a vibrant philosophical community. You will benefit from graduate seminars, an active visiting speakers series and regular research group meetings. Add your voice to our community.

Philosophy and Women's Studies news and announcements

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