PhD in Philosophy

Philosophy scholars pursue questions of truth at the root of virtually all academic investigation in science and the humanities. Through their dedication to academic excellence, our doctoral supervisors and students maintain a PhD program that is one of Canada's top five.

Degree offered

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), in Philosophy

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Philosophy

The aim of this doctoral program is to train research-minded students to become inspiring teachers and insightful professional scholars. In our vibrant department, you will get the access and attention you need from our faculty of internationally recognized scholars.

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Plato's Republic on a shelf

My time as a graduate student at the University of Calgary was truly wonderful. I received excellent training in an extremely diverse range of philosophical areas; in my case this included the philosophy of science, ethics, and logic. My professors, and especially my advisor, always encouraged and supported me as a philosopher (and person, too).

Jay Odenbaugh, PhD'01

Lewis & Clark College

Stages in the program

Candidacy requirements

Upon successful completion of all candidacy requirements, your status is changed from "PhD Student" to "PhD Candidate".

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Your supervisor

Within eight months of registration, you will select a supervisor via mutual agreement. They will help plan your program and provide guidance, administrative aid, and assist your preparation of thesis and examinations.

PhD Supervisory Committee

Within three months of selecting your supervisor, a PhD Supervisory Committee will be selected via mutual agreement. Chaired by your supervisor and consisting of two more faculty members – who may be from outside the department – they will provide ongoing evaluations and be a source of scholarly encouragement.

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