2023-2024 Speakers Series

The Philosophy Department’s Speakers Series presents public lectures – September through April annually – by visiting speakers and faculty on a wide variety of philosophical topics. 


Jan 19 - Amanda Bryant (University of Calgary): Girl Meets World: Finding the Philosophy in Policy

Jan 26 - Aaron Garrett (Boston University): Gew-gaws, and trinkets: Adam Smith (and Cugoano) on slavery

Feb 2 - Arthur Sullivan (Memorial University):On the Guises of Irony

Feb 9 - Xuefeng Wen (University of Calgary/ Sun-Yat Sen University):Three begets everything: What is an inference and when is it valid?

Mar 1 - Alfred Mele (Florida State University): Libertarianism, Decision-making, and a Point of No Return 

Mar 15 - Alison McConwell (UMass Lowell) and Jay Odenbach (Lewis and Clark University):