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Philosophy for Everyone

Supporting young people in developing good thinking skills.

Discover Philosophy for Everyone!

Since 2018, our Philosophy for Everyone (P4E) Program has been sparking intellectual curiosity in schools and online. It's a chance for young thinkers to "start something" special. 

In 2023-24, we're expecting over 800 students across 25 classes and five schools, from kindergarten through grade eight, to join this intellectual adventure.

How do we ignite the spark of thought?

Our P4E curriculum encourages students to develop great thinking skills through discussions on thought-provoking questions like:

  • What is a friend?
  • What is a game?
  • Do we have free will?
  • Are you the same person now as when you were born?
  • What is authenticity?

We encourage everyone to share their thoughts, listen to others, and be open to changing their own views.

Building essential social skills

P4E helps students grow important social skills like patience, empathy, and cooperation. It's a group journey, not a solo mission.  

In nurturing these thinking skills, we're not just teaching; we're preparing students to navigate the world. And that's how we do things at the University of Calgary.

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At P4E, we are committed to growing a community of young thinkers.

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Your donation funds the training of elementary school students in the skills of philosophical inquiry and good thinking. Our goal is to establish an endowment that allows us to train over 1000 students each year. 

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