Gender and Sexuality Studies

Explore key concepts and issues of gender and sexuality through rigorous academic approaches. Take advantage of opportunities for meaningful engagement with grassroots communities dedicated to gender and sexual justice. Become a catalyst for social change while strengthening your analytical and communication skills.

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Gender and Sexuality Studies (formerly Women’s Studies) graduates are prepared for meaningful careers in policy and governance, equity and inclusion consulting, non-profit and community administration, sexual health and sexual education sectors, and environmental and social justice initiatives. Many pursue graduate studies in gender and sexuality studies, but also international relations, social work, education, law, community and public health, and business.

Degrees offered

  • BA / BA Honours in Gender and Sexuality Studies
  • Minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies

Degree requirements

BA in Gender and Sexuality Studies
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BA Honours in Gender and Sexuality Studies
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Minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies
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Admission requirements

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Was this the Women’s Studies program?

As of July 1, 2021, the Women’s Studies (WMST) program has been renamed Gender and Sexuality Studies (GSXS).

Why? Because the program name—Women’s Studies—referenced the outdated conception of a gender binary. Gender and Sexuality Studies (GSXS) better reflects the discipline’s concerns with gender, as well as sexuality, including sexual health and sexual rights. Our program recognizes all forms of gender identity and expression as important, valid, and legitimate.

This change, in both the degree and course names (from WMST to GSXS), will be reflected in the 2021/22 University of Calgary Academic Calendar. You can register in courses labeled GSXS for your Fall 2021 and Winter 2022 terms.


What if I was doing a Women’s Studies major or minor before it changed to Gender and Sexuality Studies?

This new program name does not change the program requirements or content. The same required courses are still offered (labelled GSXS instead of WMST), and new course topics continue to be added as the program expands.

If you’re currently enrolled in the Women’s Studies program, you’ll still receive your BA in Women’s Studies. Students entering the Gender and Sexuality Studies program in Fall 2021 will receive a BA in Gender and Sexuality Studies.

  • If you’re currently in the BA Women’s Studies program, and would prefer to see the program name Gender and Sexuality Studies on your diploma and transcript, you can apply to Change your Program by February 1 in the year PRIOR to your graduation.

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