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MA alumni academic and career placement

Many of our MA and PhD students excel in philosophical careers (notably John Campbell, MA 1980, who is now Slusser Professor of Philosophy at the University of California, Berkeley). We take our obligation to the community seriously and admit MA students with a variety of backgrounds, encouraging a variety of career paths.

In the list below, we have included placement and career information, as well as doctoral fellowships our MA graduates have won to support their further study.


Genova, Maria
Thinking Forward: Transformative Concepts and Social Change
Supervisor: Nicole Wyatt
PhD Program, University of Connecticut

Huang, Yudi
The Problem of Hyperintensionality: A Truthmaker Approach
Supervisor: David Liebesman
PhD Program, University of Southern California

Lavergne, Veronika
Relativism, Constructivism, and Progress in Goodman and Kuhn
Supervisors: Mark Migotti, Ken Waters
Project Coordinator, Vintri Technologies

Taylor-Fergusson, Rachel
In Defense of Non-Comparative Harm
Supervisor: Allen Habi
Instructor, Bow Valley College & SAIT; eLearning experience designer,
ICOM Productions


Cunningham, Alexandra
Epistemic Blame and Epistemic Business
Supervisor: Jeremy Fantl
PhD Program, Washington University in St. Louis

Neilson, Luke
Muthos, Aporia, and Eros in the Aristophanes and Diotima of the Symposium
Supervisor: Mark Migotti

Wark, Tyler
Disagreement and Pyrrhonism
Supervisor: Jeremy Fantl
PhD Program, University of Calgary

Wentzell, Alexander
A Pluralistic Account of Phenomenal Unity
Supervisor: David Liebesman
PhD Program, Washington University in St. Louis


Farooqui, Husna
The Curry-Howard Correspondence
Supervisor: Richard Zach
Media Assistant, Goethe Institut, Toronto

Schoepfer, Andrew
Necessity, Teleology, and Darwin: A Defense of Aristotelian Essentialism
Supervisor: Mark Migotti

Stephenson, Chloe
Epistemic Implications of Scientific Consensus and Dissent
Supervisor: Marc Ereshefsky
Master’s Program in Public and Global Health at Tampere, University in Finland


Freno, Nigel
Towards the Ideal: Coherence Theories of Judicial Adjudication and the Ideal Law in Hard Cases
Supervisor: Allen Habib
PhD Program, McMaster University

Millman, Lara
Perceived Doxastic Warrant and Socially Problematic Beliefs
Supervisor: Ann Levey
PhD Program, Dalhousie University

Odland, Brent
Peirce's Triadic Logic: Continuity, Modality, and L
Supervisor: Mark Migotti
PhD Program, McMaster University

Van Dyk, Matthew
Microphysicalism and Rationality: The Hasker/Reppert Argument from Reason
Supervisor: Noa Latham


Corpe, Darren
Instrumental Authority and the Liberal State: A Proposal for Illiberal Minorities
Supervisor: Allen Habib
PhD program, Philosophy of Education Social and Political Philosophy Justice, Queen’s University

Forster, Monte 
Rawisian Justice: Reflections on a new Equilibrium
Supervisor: Allen Habib

McDonald, Joseph
A Categorical Extension of the Curry-Howard Isomorphism
Supervisor: Richard Zach
PhD program, Logic, Language, and Information, University of Amsterdam

Hawkes, Gordon
The Argument from Logical Principles Against Materialism: A Version of the Argument from Reason 
Supervisor: Noa Latham

Perkins, Timothy (T.J.)
Tracing Pathways and Decomposing Mechanisms in Ecology
Supervisor: C. Kenneth Waters
PhD program, University of Utah

Ross, Stephen
The Scientific Practice Turn as Philosophical Progress
Supervisor: C. Kenneth Waters
PhD program, McMaster University

Tse, Pierson 
Course Based MA
Supervisor: Walter Glannon
SAIT Instructor and Academic Mentor


Bronski, Miriam
Course Based MA
Supervisor: Mark Migotti
PhD Program, McMaster University

Burns, Samara
Hypersequent Calculi for Modal Logics
Supervisor: Richard Zach
PhD Program, Columbia University

Collings, Evangelian
Bonum ex machina
Supervisor: Jeremy Fantl
PhD Program, University of Pittsburgh

Leyenaar, James
The Precautionary Principle: Concepts, Tools, and Strategies for Analysis
Supervisor: Allen Habib

Reyes, Stephanie
De Se Attitudes: Lewisian Self-Ascription and Centered Worlds
Supervisor: Nicole Wyatt
PhD Program in Linguistics, University of Chicago

Tumasz-Jordan, Elena
Against Three Arguments for a Free Market in Healthcare
Supervisor: David G. Dick

Vooys, Sarah
Money: Kind of Natural
Supervisor: David G. Dick


Ahmadianhosseini, Zahra
Formal Models of Fallible Knowledge
Supervisor: Richard Zach
PhD Program, University of California, Berkeley

Delamont, Audrey
Action, Knowledge Norms, and Moral Reasons
Supervisor: Jeremy Fantl

Mills-Smith, Brayden
Addiction as and Excuse
Supervisor: Walter Glannon

Yao, Bokai
Some Puzzles About Ability
Supervisor: Ishtiyaque Haji
PhD Program, University of Notre Dame


Hon, Ricky
Race, Identity, and Culture
Supervisor: Ann Levey

Reid, Walter
Schopenhauer’s Pessimism and Kant’s Moral Argument
Supervisor: Mark Migotti
PhD Program, McMaster University

Roe, Niall
History and Philosophy in Peirce’s Conception of Science
Supervisor: Mark Migotti, Co-Supervisor C. Kenneth Waters
PhD Program, Cambridge University (History and Philosophy of Science)


Cooper, Gordon
The Luck Objection
Supervisor: Ish Haji
PhD Program, Florida State University

Darnell, Eamon
On Origin Essentialism and Arguments for It
Supervisor: Ali Kazmi
PhD Program, University of Toronto

Zimmerman, Tegan
Beauvoir and Irigaray: Philosophizing Postfeminism in Popular Culture
Supervisor: Lorraine Markotic
Instructor, Okanagan College


Houston, Jared
An Epistemic Theory of Global Injustice 
Supervisor: Ann Levey
PhD program, Queen's University 


Aldred, Raymond
Broadening the Boundaries of Agency: Cognitive Disability, Agency, and Autonomy 
Supervisor: Walter Glannon
PhD program, McGill University 

Elkin, Lee
What It Means to be Rational: An Analysis on Knowledge, Rational Deliberation, and Action
Supervisor: Jeremy Fantl
Doctoral Fellow at the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy, Ludwig Maximilians Universität-Münich 

Katcharov, Maxim
Responsibility, History, and Authenticity
Supervisor: Ish Haji 

Murphy, Tess
Moral Obligation, Luck, and Alternative Possibilities
Supervisor: Ish Haji 


Pham, Michelle
Consensus and Objectivity in Science
Supervisor:  Marc Ereshefsky
PhD program University of Washington 

Pollock, Ralph
Why Didn't the Nyaya Recognize the Mind-Body Problem?
Supervisor: Christopher Framarin

Reid, Timothy
The Importance of Heidegger's Early Ontology: How to Better Understand "The Origin of the Work of Art" by Reading Being and Time
Supervisor: Lorraine Markotic
PhD program, University of Warwick

Wetmore, Nycole
The Problem of Evil: A Defence of the Epicurean Position
Supervisor: Jack MacIntosh
PhD program, Communication and Culture, University of Calgary


Brumble, Kimberly
Experiments, Thought Experiments and Virtual Experiments
Supervisor:  John Baker
PhD program, Indiana University

Maleki, Y. Mike
Course-Based MA
Supervisor: Jack MacIntosh

Monner, Shari
The Character Individuation Problem: A Philosophical Study of the Individuation of Characters in Biological Taxonomy 
Supervisor:  Marc Ereshefsky
PhD program, University of Western Ontario


Booth, Daniel
Ethical Aspects of Self-Deception and Akratic Belief
Supervisor:  Ishtiyaque Haji
PhD program, University of Western Ontario

Kouri, Teresa
Indiscernability and Mathematical Structuralism
Supervisor:  Richard Zach
PhD program, Ohio State University
SSHRC Fellow 2010-14
OSU Distinguished University Fellow 2010-14; 2014-16

McGraw, Tyler
Episodic Memory and Justified Belief
Supervisor:  Jeremy Fantl

Scott, James
Figure and Ground: Considerations on the Metaphysics and Logics of Time
Supervisor:  Nicole Wyatt
Returning to Public School System Administration


Chung, Julianne
A Conditional Model of Knowledge Attributions
Supervisor:  Jeremy Fantl
PhD program Yale University
Fall 2015 - Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of Louisville (KY)



Simard, Martial
Nietzsche's Critique of Ascetic Ideals
Supervisor:  Mark Migotti

Straver, Elske
Trust and Testimonial Knowledge
Supervisor:  Jeremy Fantl
PhD program, University of Pennsylvania


Cankovic, Dario
Ignorance is Bliss: The Case against State of the World Theories of a Good Life
Supervisor: John Baker
PhD program, University of Western Ontario 

Coulter, Sky
Normality and Biological Functions:  An Argument that Statistical Normality is Sufficient to Support Function Attributions without Requiring Recourse to an Undefined Concept of Biological Normality
Supervisor:  Marc Ereshefsky
Nursing program University of Calgary

Jordan, Shelly 
Course-Based MA
Supervisor:  Jack MacIntosh

Morales-Moscoso, Jose Rodrigo
Racism and Rawls's Theory of Justice
Supervisor:  Elizabeth Brake

Porat, Yonatan
How the Seemingly Serendipitous Success of Mathematics in Physics is a Problem for Philosophy of Science, Not Metaphysics
Supervisor:  Jack MacIntosh 
PhD Program, Boston University

Steiner, Michael
The Nature of Scientific Laws
Supervisor:  Marc Ereshefsky 
PhD Program, University of Calgary


Buleandra, Andrei
The Later Wittgenstein on Understanding and Thinking
Supervisor:  Brian Grant
PhD Program, University of Alberta

Chynces, Ryan
Moral Skepticism and Environmental Metaethics
Supervisor:  Elizabeth Brake
Philosophy Editor at Broadview Press

Huzzey, Helen
Explorations into the Secular Existence of Evil
Supervisor:  John Baker
Completed LLB, University of British Columbia
Associate at Donaldson's Barristers in Vancouver, BC

Lamoureux, Lucien
The False Expectations of Constructive Empiricism
Supervisor:  Elaine Landry 
PhD Program, University of Western Ontario

Loo, Clement
Proper Function: Criticisms and Replies
Supervisor:  Marc Ereshefsky
PhD Program, University of Cincinnati

Manafu, Alexandru
Non-locality and Non-separability in Quantum Mechanics
Supervisor:  Elaine Landry 
PhD Program, University of Western Ontario

McEwan, Micheal
The Semantic View of Theories: Language and Representation
Supervisor:  Elaine Landry 
PhD program at the University of Waterloo

Rondeau, Meaghan
The Piety of Storks
Supervisor:  Jack MacIntosh
PhD program in Classics at the University of Washington


Fellows, Jill
Self-Searching: An Exploration of Personal Identity, Alzheimer's and Dissociative Identity Disorder
Supervisor:  Brian Grant
PhD program at the University of British Columbia

Allan, Robert
Wittgenstein on Sensation and Self
Supervisor:  Brian Grant

Stephenson, Timothy
From Wittgenstein to Quine: The Rise and Fall of Logical Positivism in Early Analytic Philosophy
Supervisor:  Ali Kazmi


Hughes, Sean
Madison or Madison Avenue? Liberalism and the Media
Supervisor:  Elizabeth Brake

Ritchie, Brendan
The Good Life
Supervisor:  Dennis McKerlie
PhD program at Harvard University

Vokey, Fred
Reclaiming Freedom: A Study in Nietzsche's Ethics and Philosophy of Action
Supervisor:  Mark Migotti


Beaumier, Michel
Truth and Democracy: A Critique of Epistemic Theories of Deliberative Democracy
Supervisor:  Robert Ware

Rabanca, Bogdan
Arguing for Private Property: A Critique of Special Right-Based Arguments
Supervisor:  Robert Ware
Winner of the 2003 Governor General's Gold Medal for best Master's-level work at the University of Calgary.
PhD program at New York University (NYU)

Stewart, Brad
Social Obligations Towards the Homeless
Supervisor:  Brenda Baker


Boyle, Shawna
Genetic Research: Why We Do It, Why We Should
Supervisor:  Marc Ereshefsky
MD program at the University of Calgary

Sarantis, Aristotle
Central Issues in Automatism
Supervisor:  Brenda Baker 
JD Received from the University of Toronto
Associate at Growlings Law Firm, Calgary 

Seaville, Victoria
Catholicism and Homosexuality
Supervisor:  Elizabeth Brake
PhD Received from University of Dalhousie.  Received SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship

Chapman, Jonathan
Semantic and Pragmatic Elements in the Process of Understanding, A Non-Linear Approach
Supervisor:  Nicole Wyatt


Flanagan, Jane
Expression in Abstract Art
Supervisor: John Heintz

Jackson, Todd
Music, Imagery, and Perception
Supervisor:  John Heintz

Bannard, Todd
Quantum Mechanics and Ontology
Supervisor:  C.B. Martin

Bui, Huy Quang
Quantification, Opacity and Modality
Supervisor:  Ali Kazmi

Nathoo, Al-Noor Nenshi
Rationalized Selfishness or Reasonable Skepticism? Objections to Singer and Unger on the Obligations of the Affluent
Supervisor:  Robert Ware
Executive Director, Provincial Health Ethics Network, Alberta

Lynch, Sterling
Romantic Longings, Moral Ideals, Democratic Priorities: On Richard Rorty's Use of the Distinction Between the Private and the Public
Supervisor:  Mark Migotti
PhD program at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Held Ralph Steinhauer Award of Distinction and SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship

Van Iersel, Eric
Beyond Supervenience: an Alternative Approach to the Mental-Physical Relation
Supervisor:  C.B. Martin


Brennan, Frances
Another Look at Hart's Account of Wicked Legal Systems
Supervisor:  Brenda Baker
PhD program, McMaster University

Hodgson, Jeffrey
The Non-Identity Problem: The Failure Of The Rights And Person-Affecting
Supervisor:  Dennis McKerlie
PhD program, University of Alberta

Kovatcheva, Nevena
Account and Method in Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics
Supervisor:  John Baker


Cherry, James
Psychological Empiricism
Supervisor:  C.B. Martin

Dolgetta, Speranza
Designing Genes: The Moral Permissibility of Germ Line Genetic Engineering
Supervisor:  John Baker
Recieved MD/PhD Candidate at the University of Calgary. Winner of CIHR Scriver and Boyd MD/PhD Studentship.
Medical Residency at University of Saskatoon

Habib, Allen
Justification, Reliability and the Parting Problem
Supervisor:  Ann Levey 
Received PhD from University of Arizona
Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of Calgary

Viney, Christine
The History of Catholic Sexual Morality
Supervisor:  Jack MacIntosh