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Career and academic placement

Department of Philosophy

Securing positions for our graduates

Graduates from our department have been successful in obtaining exciting positions. Our MA students have gone on to pursue PhD degrees at some of the best departments, and we make every effort to secure academic positions for our PhD graduates.

Our goal for the placement service is to help your job application process go smoothly and that you are presented as well as possible.

The job placement process

Looking for an academic job in philosophy means preparing early. Even as early as when you are still in your MA program. We will help you with the process of finding a job and guide you through the process of preparing documents for applications.

This includes making sure that your reference letters are ready in time, advice on which letters to include, making sure your CV looks right, giving advice on where to apply, and getting your dossier sent to the right places in time. 

Find all the placement resources you need in the Graduate section of the Department of Philosophy SharePoint

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Graduate program contacts

Contact us with any questions you may have.

Graduate Program Advisor

Ask me about graduate program advising.


Graduate Program Director

Ask me about graduate degree requirements.

Dr. Richard Zach
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