The Geography program develops and strengthens your ability to interpret and explain the occurrence, spatial distribution, and interrelationships of the Earth's physical features and social elements.

Downtown Calgary at night

Urban Studies

Urban Studies is a broad interdisciplinary program designed to provide an integrated understanding of the social, political, economic, environmental and cultural processes that shape urban life.

Earth Science

Earth Science

Earth Science is the study of the materials that make up the Earth and the natural and human processes that shape the landscape.

Geography Summer camp

Geography Summer Camp

GeoVenture Camp

Entering Grades 2 - 7

Are you interested in the environment and our place in it? Discover how Geography is so much more than maps! Campers will get the opportunity to tackle real-world problems and learn about the forces that have shaped our planet. Discover the technology behind different mapping techniques like Google Earth and Geographical Information Systems (GIS). Explore how cities are organized, why rivers flow, and get outside for a geocaching adventure all in this interactive, hands-on atmosphere. This is a Geo-adventure you won’t want to miss!

**Please note that activities are subject to change and are presented as examples only. Grade refers to the grade your child is entering in the fall.

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Interested in graduate studies?

Explore our thesis and course-based graduate programs and certificate.

Victoria Fast

Thesis graduate programs

We offer students the opportunity to undertake thesis-based graduate studies leading to MA, MSc and PhD degrees. We also offer international students the opportunity to come to our department as Visiting Students.


MGIS Program

The Master of Geographic Information Systems (MGIS) is an advanced course-based program with an independent research component renowned for its successful development of GIS professionals and academics.

Mapping Alberta project

Certificate in Geospatial Information Technology

Get a career edge – learn how to integrate geospatial technologies in your work and your future career.

News and Announcements

The weather’s effects on commercial drones may hinder their widespread use

Does adverse weather severely reduce the amount of time drones can be flown safely? ask UCalgary researchers in Conversation Canada...

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There's something in the air

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Class of 2021: Grad advocates for inclusive, fair and just use of emerging genomic technologies

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UCalgary Internationalization Achievement Awards announced

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In the Media

In the News: Chris Hugenholtz, Paul Nesbit, Thomas Barchyn, Thomas Fox, Mozhou Gao and Maja Kucharczyk, Geography, in The Weather Network

The weather’s effects on commercial drones may hinder their widespread use

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In the News: Shawn Marshall, Geography, in CBC News

Heatwaves and drought conditions devastating for southern Alberta farmers

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In the News: Shawn Marshall, Geography, in ECO Magazine

Earth's Cryosphere Shrinking by 87,000 Square Kilometers Per Year

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In the News: Shawn Marshall, Geography, in Daily Mail

Earth is losing enough ice to cover the whole of Lake Superior - 33,000 square miles - every YEAR because of climate change, scientists warn

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