Environmental Processes and Natural Resources

Department of Geography

Research Group

Research Group

Our province is well known for its diversity of natural resources, and a major research area within the department relates to studying our natural environment and its resources. Projects include satellite-based forest monitoring and landcover mapping, ecohydrology of wetlands, landscape ecology, wildfire impacts, and the conservation of sensitive species.

The department has particular strength in the area of spatial analysis and habitat modelling, and a number of faculty members and their graduate students have contributed to research projects to identify and manage habitat for a variety of wildlife species, such as grizzly bears, wolves, caribou, pronghorn antelope, gray whales, and kangaroo rats. Faculty and graduate students also contribute to restoration projects in specialized habitats, such as peatlands and sand dunes.

Research Projects

  • Ecosystem Analysis for the Crown of the Continent
  • Grizzly Bear Research Program
  • Remote Sensing and Biodiversity Monitoring
  • The Ecology of Endangered Whitebark and Limber Pines