Earth Surface Processes

Department of Geography

Research group

Research Group

With its location straddling the border between the mountains and plains, Calgary’s physical landscape is as diverse as any place in the world making it an excellent place to study how earth surface processes operate. Because these processes are closely linked to climate, research in the Department of Geography often focuses on understanding how past or present climate changes have/are impacting the landscape.

There are about 15 faculty and graduate students studying topics as varied as wildfire ecology and slope stability, thawing of permafrost and hydrology, northern soils and links to carbon dioxide/methane exchange, and the erosional and depositional legacy of ice age glaciers. Many studies include numerical modeling and field components in locations including the Arctic, Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Montana. Undergraduate and graduate courses reflect the diversity in research topics and geographic location.

Research Projects

  • G8 Legacy Chair in Wildlife Ecology
  • Geoarchaeology of the Greater South Saskatchewan River Valley