Department of Geography resources

Computer lab facilities

The Department maintains three high performance computing labs. These labs are located on the 3rd (ES307) and 4th (ES407 & ES415) floors of the Earth Science building and are primarily used in lab and lecture instruction for GIS, Remote Sensing, Cartography, Hydrology, Landscape Ecology, and Spatial Statistics. The ES415 computer lab is primarily for MGIS (Masters of GIS program) graduate students.

Please note that labs must be booked by faculty members.

  1. ES307

    The computer lab located in ES 307 has 24 available seats for student learning. The courses that primarily use this lab are undergraduate GIS, remote sensing and cartography.

  2. ES407

    The computer lab located in ES 407 has 26 available seats for student learning. The courses that primarily use this lab are undergraduate and graduate level GIS, remote sensing, hydrology, and Spatial Ecology.

  3. ES415

    The MGIS computer lab has 24 dedicated machines for use by MGIS and graduate students only. Courses that are generally taught in this lab include Spatial Statistics, Advanced GIS and RS, and Programming.

The Department is host to state-of-the-art software packages in GIS, Remote Sensing, Cartography, and Statistics. Refer to the full suite of software applications that we currently deploy in our computer labs below.

  1. GIS

    ArcGIS Desktop (ArcGIS Pro and ArcMap)
    postgreSQL + PostGIS

  2. Remote sensing

    PCI Geomatica
    ENVI / IDL

  3. Geo-utilities and other

    Agisoft Photoscan
    Microsoft Office
    GPS Utility
    Google Earth Pro

  4. Graphics

    Avenza MAPublisher
    Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat)

  5. Programming

    Jupyter Notebook
    Visual Studio

  6. Statistics

    R Studio, R

RS/GIS Analyst, computer labs

Cartography, Graphic Design, Posters

Geography Department general hardware and software

Geography Collections Room

ES 457

The Collections Room is a resource centre and a location for reading, studying, or  doing group work.

View our large collection of atlases, air photos, topographic maps of Alberta and Canada (NTS), and other maps from around the world, as well as geographical reference and course materials. More than 20,000 maps are stored in large map cabinets and in wall map format, complementing those in the Maps and Air Photo Library section of the main library on campus. Teaching sets and visual aids are made available to course and laboratory instructors. Many journal titles, books, course and laboratory material, Geography graduate theses, proposals and projects are also available for viewing.


University Weather Research Station

One of the most important services provided by the Geography Department is the servicing and maintenance of the University Weather Research Station which is located at the University of Calgary Spy Hill campus. Since the early 1960’s, the station has been collecting climate data within the City of Calgary. This data includes twice-daily manual observations of cloud cover, present and past weather conditions, visibility, precipitation, evaporation, ground condition and snow depth. Also recorded are one minute values of seven depths of soil temperature, three levels of air temperature, relative humidity, wind data, incoming and outgoing short, long and PAR bandwidth radiation, ground heat flux, soil moisture, pressure and precipitation.

In addition, the University Weather Research Station has a wide selection of other equipment used for special research projects and field work including radiosonde equipment, nuclear soil moisture probe, snow and soil sampling equipment and hydrology equipment. The station provides a hands on teaching facility for students in and out of the University community, and also provides processed data to everyone from the Atmospheric Environment Service to the general public. This data may vary from the present atmospheric pressure to climatological and meteorological maps and charts used in forecasting and scientific studies.