Guidelines for MGIS Students

The Department of Geography's Graduate Program 
Master of Geographic Information Systems (MGIS)

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Program information

In addition to the information provided on this web page, students should refer to following resources:


The University of Calgary has term-based registration for all course-based graduate programs, including courses part of the MGIS program.

Term-based registration

Term-based registration has strict requirements of how many courses a student must take in each term to maintain full-time status.

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Full-time status

If a student would prefer to maintain full-time status in the program, it is important they carefully review the full-time status requirements. 

Faculty of Graduate Studies

International students

If international students have questions related to immigration-related matters (including student status requirements for immigration purposes), they may contact the International Student Services (ISS).

International Student Services

Program courses


(9 units)

  • GEOG 633 Research and Applications in Remote Sensing
  • GEOG 639 Advanced Spatial Analysis and Modelling
  • GEOG 647 Advanced Research and Applications in GIS

Core research/project-based

(6 units)

  • GEOG 681 Geographic Information Systems Project: Theoretical Issues
  • GEOG 683 Geographic Information Systems: Application


(15 units)

  • GEOG 680 Principles of Digital Cartography and Geovisualization
  • GEOG 682 Fundamentals of Geographic Information Science
  • GEOG 684 Fundamentals of Remote Sensing
  • GEOG 686 Applied Statistics and Geospatial Analysis

Course prerequisites

  • Eligibility for enrollment in GEOG 681 Geographic Information Systems Project: Theoretical Issues
    • Students must have completed GEOG 633, GEOG 639 and GEOG 647.
  • Eligibility for enrollment in GEOG 683 Geographic Information Systems: Application
    • Students must have completed GEOG 681. 
  • Note: GEOG 681 is typically taught in the Spring Term and GEOG 683 is typically taught in the Fall Term.

Important information

  • MGIS students are strongly encouraged and typically take these four CGIT courses as electives prior to taking the core courses.

  • MGIS students are automatically eligible to enroll in any CGIT course (GEOG 680, GEOG 682, GEOG 684, GEOG 686), although departmental approval is required.

  • Please e-mail the Graduate Program Advisor at to obtain approval.

Services and support

Postal Services

Graduate students have a shared space for incoming mail in the Geography Main Office.

Incoming mail can be addressed to the student name, c/o Department of Geography, University of Calgary, 2500 University Drive NW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2N 1N4.

All incoming mail to this address should be related to program activities

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Student Support Services

The Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS) provides Student Support Services (e.g., information and counselling for academic matters, including an international specialist).

Please see the website below for contact information:

Student Support Services

International Student Services

International Student Services (ISS) provides support for international students.

Students who require advice about immigration-related matters must contact ISS, as the MGIS program cannot advise about immigration-related matters. Please see the website below for contact information:


Lab access

Procedures for lab access: First-come, first-served.

Lab reservations

MGIS Overview

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Degree completion

The expected amount of time to complete the MGIS program is 16 months. The maximum completion time is 6 years.

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Academic standards

The policy for academic standards within the MGIS Program adheres to the guidelines of the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

UCalgary campus.

Appeal policies and procedures

Graduate students should consult the Graduate Calendar for details on appeals processes.

Graduate program contacts

Questions about our programs?

Advising questions

Contact the Graduate Program Advisors

Requirements: thesis-based

Contact the Graduate Program Director

Dr. Eliot Tretter


Requirements: course-based

Contact the Graduate Program Director

Dr. Yvonne Martin