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Graduate student FAQ

View some commonly asked questions you may have about applying for graduate studies in the Department of Geography

We offer thesis-based programs of study leading to MA, MSc, and PhD degrees in a wide range of subject areas within the discipline of Geography. In addition, we offer a course-based MGIS (Master of Geographic Information Systems) degree and a Graduate Certificate in Geospatial Information Technology. Our faculty members have extensive expertise within physical and human geography and geographic methods.

Yes, but there may be special exceptions. Some preparatory coursework may be required.

Extensive information is found on our program pages. Please write to for information not found on the webpages.

A four-year Baccalaureate degree or its equivalent from the University of Calgary or a recognized institution with a grade point average equivalent to 3.00 or better is required for admission to a Master program. In most cases, a Master Degree or equivalent is required for admission to a Doctoral program. In addition to the Faculties of Graduate Studies and Arts requirements, please view the Department of Geography requirements:

There are a variety of scholarships and awards administered by the Faculty of Graduate Studies Scholarship Office. See below for eligibility criteria, deadlines, and application instructions. 

Departmental funding is available on a competitive basis to outstanding thesis-based students in the form of teaching assistantships and Faculty of Graduate Studies Scholarships.

Yes, please refer to the Graduate Students' Association website.

Department of Geography thesis-based graduate students have a shared office research space. MGIS students have access to a shared group space in addition to computer lab access

A supervisor is required for Thesis programs. Please refer to the Meet Our Faculty, Contact, and Research website pages for information on our Faculty and their research focus. Students in the course-based MGIS program do not have a supervisor.

If you have a three-year degree and have done additional course work at a college or technical institution, you may be considered.

In your application, you need to include a general statement of interest about what you wish to research and which faculty member you are going to work with. Include: background and relevance, research question, data accessibility, related interest and support within industry, faculty supervisor, courses of interest.

The Department will accept a four-year BA or BSc in Geography or in any related field that makes use of spatial data.

The Thesis program for the Masters degree normally takes 20 to 24 months to complete, however, you have six years to finish the program. For the MGIS program, the minimum completion time is 16 months and the maximum completion time is six years.  

MA, MSc and PhD: January 5 for September.

MGIS and GIT: Applications will be accepted up until March 1.

The MGIS is a course-based Master Degree that requires completion of ten courses. The GIT certificate program requires the completion of four courses.

Check the Faculty of Graduate Studies for the most current information on tuition and general fees.

Yes. We have MGIS graduates enrolled in PhD programs across Canada. Although the program is course-based, your research and communication skills are developed and honed while conducting the mandatory research project. However, if you have an interest in applying for a specific PhD program, it is always wise to check with the Graduate Advisor to ensure your qualifications are recognized and accepted by that academic institution.

Understanding graduate studies

Understanding graduate studies

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Future graduate students

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International students

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