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How to apply?

Find out if you qualify to apply

Be sure to attend an Arts Co-op Information Session in the fall before you apply. See Elevate CS Event Calendar for details.

Can't make the info session? Contact for an appointment with one of our coordinators.

To apply for the arts co-op program you must:

  • Be registered as a full-time student in a program that offers the co-op option. Check the current academic calendar for a complete list.
  • Have completed 10 half courses (5 full courses or 30 units) at the time of application (excluding courses currently registered in).
  • Have a minimum 2.5 GPA in the most recent 10 half courses.
  • Have a minimum of 10 half courses left before your planned first work term.
  • Not be more than halfway through a degree (approximately 20 half courses, 10 full courses or 60 units) at the time of application.

Check the current academic calendar for a complete list of co-op programs


Please note, meeting the minimum eligibility requirements does not guarantee admission, and placements are not guaranteed. Students who apply October 15 normally start their first work term in spring/summer or fall of the following year. If you have any questions please contact us: SS 102 403.220.3580.

Email us

What if I'm a(n):

International student?

You must be legally permitted to work in Canada. Obtain a Co-op Work Permit immediately after admission to the program to be eligible for work placements.

Combined degree student?

You can be eligible for Co-operative Education programs if one of your majors is in a Faculty of Arts department in which a Co-operative Education program is offered.

Transfer student?

Transfer students from other universities will be considered for admission to the Co-operative Education program.

After degree student?

Apply in your first year. Contact the Co-op team as soon as possible for application information. 

The application deadline is October 15. Apply now through Elevate

Application Process

Application deadline is Oct. 15. Submit an online application form through Elevate.

Complete the form

Login as a student → select Faculty of Arts from the left menu → choose your major from the list → complete application, including upload your resume → submit

See FAQ below on how to format your resume and work plan

Complete the application form on Elevate


You'll be advised of the status of your application after your requirements have been reviewed.

Pay off the fee

Once you're accepted to the program, pay a $50 non-refundable administrative fee.

Get trained and apply for work

We will provide you with extensive pre-employment training — in person and online through D2L. Your co-op coordinator will assist you through the job application, interview and transition-to-work process

Information for international students

If you are an international student considering the Co-op program or have already been accepted into the program, there are a few things to take into consideration:

Work permits

International students in the Co-op program must apply for a Co-op work permit. The permit is free, but the application process can be lengthy, so apply as soon as possible! Be sure to attend a UCalgary International info session for further details.

Apply for a work permit

International student fees

International students pay a differential fee along with regular tuition and general fees while on work terms. Be sure to pay it by the deadline, or your registration and admission will be cancelled. Change to your immigration status? Provide proof of your new status to the Office of the Registrar by the payment deadline.

View tuition rates for Co-op work terms

In Canada on a work permit?

Note: Applicants who are in Canada on a Work Permit or dependents of persons on a Work Permit are required to pay these additional international student fees (unless the dependents are Canadians or Landed Immigrants).

More resources for international students

UCalgary International

The University of Calgary International (UCI) office offers information sessions and resources to help set up students for success when they are seeking opportunities internationally

Visit UCalgary International

International Student Services

International Student Services (ISS) provides support services and customized advising for all international students adjusting to studying at the University of Calgary and to life in Canada.

Visit International Student Services

Application FAQs

Please email to  We will investigate and provide you with access to the application if you have a declared major with a Co-op option in the Faculty of Arts.

Don't worry! We review your resume if you're accepted into the Co-op program. If you would like to see resume examples, take a look at the Career Services Career & Job Search Resources page. Note that your application resume does not have to follow these formats. You should provide an overview of your work and volunteer experience.

Please submit a plan for each semester of your degree that includes three Co-op work terms. This will extend your degree by approximately one year. Plan at least one work term for winter or fall.

In most cases, your first expected work term would be May or Sept. of the year after you apply.

Ensure that your work terms alternate with academic semesters. Your plan should includes a final study semester (at least three half courses). Your plan may include two terms back to back, but we do not recommend three terms back to back. Once you are in the program, there is flexibility with your plan, as required.

Here is a sample plan of a person who applied in Oct. 2018:

P/S 2019 – Study
F 2019 – Work
W 2020 – Study
P/S 2020 – Study
F 2020 – Work
W 2021 – Work
P/S 2021 - Study

Write two or three paragraphs about your interest in the program (you do not need to include a header address section). Include details about why you want to participate and the professional skills/personal goals you hope to develop and achieve.