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Strategic Plan 2024-29

Three students of diverse ethnic backgrounds collaborate together in a classroom. They are looking at a tablet together. The UCalgary Arts spark appears in the background.

The UCalgary Faculty of Arts’ Strategic Plan is a roadmap detailing

  • Our commitments and priorities;
  • Through a consideration of our strengths and challenges;
  • Establishing where we want to go as a Faculty.

Our plan identifies thematic priorities that will help to steer our decisions as we move into the next five years.

Join us as we collaborate, innovate, and inspire.

Five strategic priorities

1. Justice, Equity and Transformation

We seek to create, maintain, and sustain a more just and harmonious world. We contribute to social impact, innovations, and the welfare and dignity of individuals and communities.

2. Connection, Community and Culture

We embrace and nurture connections between individuals, communities and societies. We allow for different perspectives, promote tolerance, and foster cross-cultural understanding.

3. Digital Futures

We seek to understand and advance innovations in the digital realm through scholarship and creative activity. We probe challenges in the realms of privacy invasion, algorithmic bias, and the spread of misinformation and hate speech.

4. Health and Wellness

We take a holistic approach towards understanding the physical, mental, and emotional health of individuals and communities. Scholarly research in health and wellness addresses factors that influence health outcomes, including the social determinants of disease and wellbeing.

5. Climate, Energy and Sustainability

Climate, energy, and sustainability play a crucial role in addressing existential threats to the environment. This priority follows the wide-ranging themes embedded in the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

As we reflect on the challenges we have overcome and the resilience we have shown in the face of global turmoil, it is evident that our strength lies in our shared sense of purpose and community. This is an opportunity for renewal and reaffirmation of our dedication to academic excellence, mutual support, and the pursuit of knowledge.

Arts Dean Aoife Mac Namara crouches in the mud, holding a shovel. She looks to the side and is smiling.

Aoife Mac Namara

Dean, Faculty of Arts

Guiding values/principles

We uphold the following values and guiding principles:

Equity/Diversity/ Belonging

We commit to being open, fair, impartial, and non-discriminatory in our actions and processes.


We explore our world with curiosity and appreciation for its complexity.


We strive to be respectful of the views of others and to understand others’ perspectives.


We strive to be consistent and fair in our processes and actions.


We commit to taking responsibility for our actions and their impacts.


We strive to commit to the principles of ii’ taa’poh’to’p.

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UCalgary Arts Strategic Plan