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The Arts Students' Centre provides booked appointments (via Zoom) for your program advising needs.

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Ever wonder why everyone experiences the world differently?

Undergraduate students can explore human diversity in a new pluralism certificate...

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Inclusion is important in how we build our cities, roll-out health care, and tell stories

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2020 Barbara Schneider Student Writing Award Winners

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Indigenous researcher puts allyship under the microscope

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Need help with regulations or degree planning?

Find out everything you need to know about your academic journey in the Faculty of Arts.

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Embedded certificates

Enrich your degree with an embedded certificate

"Logging at Blairmore, Alberta.", [ca. 1900-1905] (CU1229519) by Photographer Unknown. Courtesy of Libraries and Cultural Resources Digital Collections, University of Calgary

Certificate in Canadian Studies

Ever wonder why Canada gets named one of the best places in the world to live? Build a better understanding of the country. Become an ambassador! Learn and share with the world the elements that make Canada unique and special.

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Certificate in Creative Writing

If you complete 18 units from the Field of Creative Writing, you are eligible to earn an Embedded Certificate. 

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Certificate in Mental Wellbeing and Resilience

Become a mental health champion, build positive skills and resilience and help us create a community of caring, all while earning your degree.

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Stylized drone shot of the city of Calgary

Certificate in Pluralism and Global Citizenship

Develop values, habits, and practices that foster responsible global citizenship.

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UCalgary welcomes, respects, and supports the rich diversity of Indigenous learners. Visit the Writing Symbols Lodge

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Office information:
Office location: Social Sciences 102
618 Campus Place NW
Phone number: 403.220.3580

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IMPORTANT SERVICE UPDATE: Currently all advising will take place virtually. 


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Program advising


Booked Appointments: 9am to 12pm: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

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Drop-in phone Advising - 1pm to 4 pm: Monday to Friday | Please call our office at 403-220-3580. 


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General advising


For general questions, you have the option of emailing ascarts@ucalgary.ca or dropping into our virtual front desk.

Virtual Front Desk Hours:

  • 9am to 12pm and 1pm to 4pm: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
  • 1pm to 4pm: Thursday

An ASC staff member will be available to answer your question via the chat function or by video.

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