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The Public Archaeology Program's field season ran from May 13 to June 12, 2019. Stay tuned for updates!

Browse our other community engagement projects. Including, Aboriginal Youth Engagement and Digitally Preserving Alberta's Heritage.

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News and announcements

Primates, Genomics and Ecology Lab takes on COVID-19

Team of biological anthropologists play a key role in COVID-19 genomics group...

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Elephants get drunk because they can’t metabolize alcohol like us

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"Differential impact of severe drought on infant mortality in two sympatric neotropical primates"

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"On the surface: an ethnoarchaeological study of marginalised pottery production and the social context of pottery surface treatments in Tigray Regional State, northern highland Ethiopia"

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In the media

In the News: Verónica Vázquez López, Archaeology, National Geographic

Massive 3,000-year-old ceremonial complex discovered in 'plain sight'

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In the News: Mareike Janiak, Anthropologie, in DNYUZ

Elephants Really Can’t Hold Their Liquor

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In the News: Mareike Janiak, Anthropology, in Research2Reality

Elephants Never Forget, Unless They’re Drinking

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In the News: Mareike Janiak, Anthropology, in DailyHunt

Did You Know Elephants Get Drunk Too? Too big to get drunk, elephants are lightweights in human company

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