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The Public Archaeology Program's field season ran from May 13 to June 12, 2019. Stay tuned for updates!

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News and announcements

"On the surface: an ethnoarchaeological study of marginalised pottery production and the social context of pottery surface treatments in Tigray Regional State, northern highland Ethiopia"

Congratulations to Zoe Cascadden (MA student), Dr. Diane Lyons and Dr. Elizabeth Paris on their latest publication in the peer reviewed journal Azania: Archaeological Research in Africa....

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Congratulations Chelsea Klinke!

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“Hunting, Husbandry, Exchange and Ritual: Animal Use and Meaning at Moxviquil, Chiapas Mexico.”

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Dr. Elizabeth Paris hits up Boston with lecture circut

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In the media

In the News: Lais Moreira, Anthropology and Archaeology, in the Calgary Herald

100 years after Doctor Dolittle, Calgary women are talking to animals and reshaping our perceptions

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In the News: Peter Dawson, Anthropology and Archaeology, in CBC News

Archaeologists create digital blueprints of historic sites on Yukon's Herschel Island

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In the News: Elizabeth Paris, Anthropology and Archaeology, in CBC The Homestretch

Calgary professor digs into ancient Mayan architecture

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In the News: Alumna Kelly James (Development Studies and Economics) in UCalgary Alumni Stories

Top 40 Under 40: Part Two

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