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The Public Archaeology Program was put on hold this summer due to COVID and we hope to be back in 2021.

Meanwhile we have some new and exciting online exercises that are targeted at Grade 7-12 students. If you are an educator and need more information please check out our community engagement page! 

Browse our other community engagement projects. Including, Aboriginal Youth Engagement and Digitally Preserving Alberta's Heritage.

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News and announcements

UCalgary researcher helps give history of early apes a fresh perspective

New discovery finds wooded grasslands existed in eastern Africa far earlier than previously thought...

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UCalgary anthropologist studies evolution of human sleep patterns

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Newly installed artwork in the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning sparks reflections on lifelong learning

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In Memoriam: Nicholas David, Faculty of Arts

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In the media

In the News: Amanda Melin, Anthropology and Archaeology, in Science

Hundreds of new primate genomes offer window into human health—and our past

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In the News: Elizabeth Paris, Anthropology and Archaeology, in Discover Magazine

5 Important Artifacts From Ancient Maya Civilization

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In the News: Kathleen Reinhardt, Anthropology and Archaeology, in The Atlantic

Meet the World’s Most Hard-Core Nappers

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In the News: Vivek Venkataraman, Anthropology and Archaeology, in Aeon

Lessons from the foragers

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