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Peer mentorship program

Are you a senior undergraduate student who wants to teach courses? Apply to become a peer mentor in ARTS 507. This academic for-credit class offers you the opportunity to learn more about learning. You'll get the chance to be a mentor in an undergraduate class you've already completed.

You'll offer guidance and support to fellow students who are taking courses you've already taken. You'll get to connect and learn in an innovative environment and work closely with an instructor you admire and respect.

  • Builds fellow students' self-confidence
  • Encourages active learning
  • Participates in high education innovation
  • Co-leads out-of-class study groups
  • Co-leads in-class activities
  • Comments on essay drafts
  • Arranges guest speakers
  • Does in-class presentations
  • Makes higher learning more fun and less stressful
  • Join a select team of fellow peer mentors
  • Enhance learning in a course you enjoyed
  • Co-design your own mentoring role
  • Receive mentorship from two or more instructors
  • Gain insight into higher education teaching and learning
  • Combine academic learning with practical experience
  • Develop a deeper understanding of course material
  • Grow leadership and communication skills
  • Prepare for a graduate teaching assistant role or professional mentoring role
  1. Arts 507, Collaborative Learning and Peer Mentoring

    A one half-course equivalent credit course open to third- and fourth-year students. As a participant, you will read about and discuss collaborative learning and mentorship in higher education and apply this knowledge as you mentor fellow students within a course you have taken in the Faculty of Arts.

  2. Arts 509, Research in Peer Mentoring and Higher Learning

    A one half-course equivalent credit course open to those who have completed ARTS 507. As a participant, students will assist new peer mentors to grow into their roles and conduct research related to their peer mentoring roles.

To apply or for more information contact Lisa Stowe at

Application deadlines:
For fall term peer mentorship: July 15
For winter term peer mentorship: November 15

* Applications will be accepted until the course is full.

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General advising

For general questions, you have the option of emailing or dropping into our virtual front desk.

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