Work, earn and learn with Arts Co-op

Third and fourth year students have the opportunity to complete co-op work terms. Combine job experience with your studies! You'll gain direct experience and business and technical skills. Be sure to reach out to the Arts advisors in the first year of your degree to learn more.

Why Co-op?

University is not a race and it doesn't have an expiry date. It’s not about who finishes the fastest, but about the experiences you gain while you’re in it. Gaining work experience while you’re in university is easier and it makes life easier after graduation.

Robyn Ho, co-op alumna

How does it work?

The co-op advising team is here to help you. Learn how to search for a job. Create a strong resume. Understand best practices for job interviews.

Complete co-op work terms in years three and four of your degree. Work terms are full-time, paid and 12-16 weeks in length. You'll get supervision and feedback. Have the chance to network while you learn about potential career paths.


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