Dec. 1, 2022

Congrats Patricia Campos Díaz!

Patricia Campos Díaz receives the CONACyT International Graduate Scholarship

Patricia Campos Díaz, supervised by Dr. Elizabeth Paris, is a doctoral student in the Department of Anthropology and Archaeology. She has been awarded the CONACyT International Graduate Scholarship: Ph.D. in Sciences and Humanities.

The CONACyT International Graduate Scholarship is a highly competitive four-year fellowship awarded by the National Council of Science and Technology in Mexico to top-ranking applicants. The scholarship is awarded annually to top-ranking applicants to strengthen the scientific community of Mexican researchers, promote the highest level of critical thinking and endorse collaboration to increase different areas of knowledge.

The fellowship will support Patricia as she pursues her dissertation project, “Community engagement as a strategy for cultural heritage preservation.” The project will centre indigenous perspectives on professional conservation and heritage management in Ejido Francisco Sarabia, Chiapas, Mexico. Her research examines community experiences with professional conservation and cultural heritage management, including the conservation of Catholic religious heritage, and archaeological heritage at the nearby Classic period Maya site of Tenam Puente. The project explores avenues and best practices for collaboration between community members and conservation professionals, as well as possibilities for increased community-based decision-making in the conservation of cultural patrimony and heritage management in Mexico.