March 10, 2023


‘SHADOW THE FRINGE ED’ ARTS ADMIN PROGRAMME - want to get more of a hands-on experience of being a Director/Producer/Arts Administrator for an arts organization?  Now’s your chance!  Work elbow-to-elbow alongside the Calgary Fringe Executive Director and Producer, Michele Gallant, on everything to do with the Fringe – learning about budgets and financing; thinking outside the box to come up with creative solutions to stay within the budget while delivering on a high quality product; marketing and promotion activities (both traditional and ‘grassroots’ style); time management and figuring out production schedules; etc.  Fringe 'Shadows' receive a small honorarium of $200 and have the opportunity to participate in Director/Producer/Art Admin functions and activities during this summer's 2023 Calgary Fringe Festival for a two week stint from Monday, July 31 morning to Sunday, August 13 early evening.  All that’s needed is a 'Can-Do!' attitude and a passion to learn!  Must also be self-motivated, organized, have strong problem solving skills, work well independently and in a team environment, isn't afraid of a challenge, and is an inspiration to those around them.  1 to a maximum of 2 spots available. 

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 Deadline May 31, 2023


JUNIOR TECH MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME - open for high school/first year university students aged 16 years and up interested in working behind the scenes as a theatre venue technician. Successful applicants work alongside seasoned Fringe technicians and our Technical Director, Thomas Hall, during our summer Fringe Festival in venue set up, tech rehearsals, running/tech’ing a show, and venue strike.  In addition to mentorship and training, Junior Techs receive a small honorarium of $200 for a two week stint, commencing Monday, July 31 @ 8 am and going until end of day (around 6 pm) Sunday, August 13, 2023.  Festival run dates are Friday, August 4 to Saturday, August 12, 2023.  Past Junior Techs have gone on to fulfill their career in Technical Services within the performing arts, with some becoming full fledged Calgary Fringe Theatre Venue/Digital Theatre Technicians; something we are very proud of!


Opportunities available:

JUNIOR THEATRE TECHNICIAN (4 positions available) - Assists in venue set-up, tech rehearsals, running/tech'ing the live performance, and striking the venues at the conclusion of the Festival.  Junior Fringe Theatre Venue Technicians learn how to manage and properly set up theatrical lighting, staging, sound, and pipes n' drape.  Fringe Theatre Venue Technicians typically double as Stage Managers as Fringe shows themselves are streamlined and highly portable to facilitate fast set-ups and tear downs between performances.  Junior Fringe Theatre Venue Technicians are given the opportunity to 'run the tech' for performances on their own, as determined in coordination with the supervising Fringe Theatre Venue Technician.    

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Deadline May 31, 2023