Feb. 9, 2023

Statement on earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

The UCalgary Psychology Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Blog

The Department of Psychology’s EDI Committee wishes to offer sympathy, solidarity and support to all faculty, trainees, students, and staff whose families are impacted by the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria. The world’s most fatal earthquake in the past 10 years, this event will have far-reaching impacts on many members of our campus community. Here are some ways you can offer support during this time –

As an instructor or supervisor:

Express to your students/trainees that you know that the events in Turkey and Syria may affect members of your classroom/lab community, and let students know they can speak with you if they need accommodations during this time. These events are extremely stressful, and require our compassionate support of students and trainees impacted by this tragedy (e.g., flexibility in deadlines, discussion of Extenuating Circumstances Withdrawal if needed). You can also connect them to Student Wellness supports.

As a manager:

Express to your staff that the events in Turkey and Syria are very upsetting, and you know some of them may be personally affected. Open space to have them come and talk to you if needed. Also offer information on Staff Wellness supports.

As a colleague:

If you know peers who are impacted by these events, check on them. Ask what you can do, if anything, to support them during this time.


In addition to the formal and informal support we can provide our campus community, direct financial aid during this time of crisis is also critical. If you are able, financial donations are important as material goods will take too long to arrive at this time to be of immediate use.

Here are some places you can donate…