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Study led by Scott Jasechko shows that over half of global groundwater is more than 12,000 years old >
Three-day development event May 2-4 features keynote on building connections >
Students in Karen Bourrier's English class reimagine an event from Pride and Prejudice >
Arts' recipients of the 2017 Teaching Excellence Award include Benjamin Blyth, Tom Sewel, Neil Surkan, Karen Bourrier, Walter Glannon, Annette Tézli, Joelle Welling and Mark Migotti >
Employees at all levels can register for certificate program and workshops >
Award winners include Kiernan McClelland (CMSS), Veronika Kiryanova (PSYC), Amanda Melin (ANTH/ARKY), and Joshua Bourdage (PSYC) >
Take part in a University of Calgary springtime tradition Friday April 21 >
What To Do After You Graduate covers career planning, goal setting, reverse culture shock, immigration status >
Students, faculty, staff and alumni step up to restore the beloved poem to the stairs of the Social Sciences tower >
University of Calgary students encouraged to visit spaces to relax and recharge during exam week >
Following end-of-semester celebrations in photos and social media >
Learn more about the Cluny Fortified Village in the Blackfoot Crossing National Historical Park, the site of the upcoming Alumni Archaeology Adventure >
Celebrate the 50th Anniversary wrap-up and the introduction of our energized Eyes High strategy >
Have an idea? New grant program seeks to ignite passion to build a community of caring >
Community invited to engage in live music, contemplative activities and games on April 12 >